Enhancing Women Workers’ Awareness on their Rights and Labor Laws

This project is based on the worker’s awareness of their rights and labor laws-enhancing women.

Women Voices and Leadership-Pakistan

This project is to support women’s rights organizations to be better managed and more self-sustaining to meet the needs of the women and girls they serve.

Rapid Labour Market Analysis

This project is for to Identify existing labour market/sector situation and opportunities

Partnership for Peace-Communities and Government Working Together to Improved Services for Mohmand Agency of FATA in Pakistan

The Program major objectives are to facilitate cooperation between the Department of Education and their respective rural, conflict-affected communities

Institutional Support to National Coordinator

Achievements The project achieved the target successfully Made the Country specific action plan for WSSCC Coordinated with all stakeholders of WSSCC

Peace Messaging on Rickshaw, Horse Carts, and Floats in Multan and Muzaffargarh

To ensure peace and tolerance in people by promoting peace messages and minimizing extremism activities through utilization of indigenous art combination and cultural rituals

Institutional Capacity building of Federal Ombudsman

To create awareness among 5500 ordinary citizens of Islamabad regarding available public entities and bodies which have been established for grievance redressal including federal

Umeed Jawan Programme (Youth Workforce Development)

Established CDC at Beacon Hall post graduate college Muzaffagarh, executive college DunyaPur, Lodhran. Two CDC established at BahauddinZakria University

Sustainable Development Goals and Youth of Pakistan

Building capacities of youth on overall SDGs, Government of Pakistan’s adoption of SDGs as national agenda and the relevant indicators on how to achieve them

Lincoln Corners Pakistan – Programming Support

Established prudent and efficient administrative support system through hiring of coordinators, establishing 17 LC corners, monitoring of supplies and equipment
Establish a quality programming support system for knowledge sharing

Welcome to School Initiative

Total of 22 CBEs established in two tehsils of Mohammand Agency. All the teachers trained in basic teaching methodologies by education experts. Achieved gross enrolment of 1458 students Enrolled more than 58% girls in all CBEs 20 TIJs established and trained on their role

Young Professionals Leadership Programme(YPLP)

This project is for Young Professionals of rural areas

01st Women Workers Convention

Women Workers convention on “Safe Working Environment” THE PROTECTION AGAINST HARASSMENT OF WOMEN AT THE WORKPLACE ACT 2010

2nd Women Worker Convention

2nd Women Workers Convention (WWC) for advocacy campaign with the participation of more than 100 stakeholders which includes Women workers from the formal and informal sector, representatives of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce, Pakistan Workers Federation, Employers, NGOs, media, TVETA, Social Welfare Department, labour department and trade unions were organized by HRDN.

3rd Women Worker Leaders Convention

25 Women Worker Leaders were further trained in leadership Qualities including contents of communication skills, Dialogue skills, Negotiation skills, and Conflict management. These leaders were given exposure visits to the concerned departments such as the labour department, EOBI, SCCI and Social Security Office to get an understanding of the working of different departments and create linkage.

Resuming Education for Children in Flood Affected Areas

To build synergies and effectiveness among stakeholders for relief and rehabilitation work

Capacity Building of School Management Committees(SMCs)

Trained 1500 School Management Committees(SMCs) Members

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