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Thematic area:

To improve the literacy rate through enrolment of out of School children in schools in FATA, Mohmand Agency

Project duration:

September 2016 to April 2018, across Pakistan.

Donor agency:


Geographical Location:

FATA, Mohmand Agency

Project Objectives:
  • To increase access to quality primary education as a means of promoting peace and development. Applying a context-relevant and conflict sensitive Community-Based Education (CBE) model.
  • To Empower community members and government officials to collaborate in the delivery of community-based primary education in the remote areas of Mohammand Agency while focusing on the areas, where any type of primary school does not exist within 5 kilometers.


  • Total of 22 CBEs established in two tehsils of Mohammand Agency.
  • All the teachers trained in basic teaching methodologies by education experts.
  • Achieved gross enrolment of 1458 students
  • Enrolled more than 58% girls in all CBEs
  • 20 TIJs established and trained on their role and responsibilities for effective monitoring and management of education programme
  • TIJs were strengthened and facilitated for coordination with the stakeholders including line departments and FATA secretariat
  • Four government schools identified as HUB schools and established four Teachers Learning Circle- TLCs for mentoring of CBEs teachers
  • Teachers from government schools are identified as TLC members and are provided with trainings for carrying out proper monitoring of the CBEs
  • Basic numeracy and reading assessments (EGRA, EGMA) were carried out
  • Teachers awarded scholar for getting professional teacher’s trainings like PTC, CT and B.ED
  • All enrolled students are provided with student’s kits including school bags, notebook, pencil, colors, slates and drawing books etc. every year
  • Textbooks approved by the Provincial Government provided to all students on yearly basis.

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