Lincoln Corners Pakistan – Programming Support

Thematic area:

Education and cultural exchange

Project duration:

September 2016- March 2020

Donor agency:

US Embassy Pakistan

Geographical Location:

Across Pakistan

Project Objectives:
  • Providing a comfortable and safe venue for civil discourse, conversations between individuals with diverse views and perspectives – a practice at the heart of strong democracy.
  • Providing a place for community to come together to increase mutual understanding between Pakistani and Americans, between scientists and artists, between old and young, between innovators and traditionalists.
  • Providing a location for civil society organizations to develop their proposed improvements for society and share their ideas with the public.
  • Providing a classroom for lectures and workshops to cultivate new ideas and develop new skills in a cooperative group atmosphere; and least but not the last,
  • Providing place-cum-gallery for exhibiting art and music from American and Pakistani artists and musicians, generating conversations about common themes of humanity.


  • Established prudent and efficient administrative support system through the hiring of coordinators, establishing 17 LC corners, monitoring of supplies and equipment
  • Establish a quality programming support system for knowledge sharing through linking with the speakers, making programme activities, capacity building of citizens through workshops in different
  • Organized 5 district Workshops for LC Coordinators: to train and orient LC Coordinators on overall program management and the scope of LC Pakistan program.
  • Organized 3 Tech camps and one follow-up Tech Camps to orient disabled, police, and journalist about information technologies to enhance their efficiency and responsiveness.
  • Provided administrative & logistic support for the execution of monthly events at 18 Lincoln Corners.

  • Organized one National Workshop for all LC coordinators to provide linkages between fellow coordinators and IRC officials to increase fundamental skills in strategic planning, public engagement, and effective use of digital and programming tools. To strengthen the problem-solving and communication skills of the participants; MBTI test will be administered during the workshop.

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