Women’s Empowerment

HRDN implements projects regarding community development through capacity building in partnership with different organizations.

Enhancing Women Workers Awareness on their Rights and Labor Laws

Thematic area:

Gender Equity Project (GEP)

Project duration:

July 2014-September 2015

Donor agency:

Aurat Foundation

Geographical Location:


Project Objectives:

This project is based on the workers awareness on their rights and labor laws-enhancing women. The target class for this project are working women, labor, factory owners, chamber of commerce and general public.


  • Number of training workshops held for women workers.
  • One two-day leadership organized for WWL in the district.
  • Several roll out activities (orientation sessions) conducted by WWL with respective women workers groups.
  • Three Women Worker conventions held during the project.
  • Five district-level women workers meetings held for network formation and facilitation of their onward coordination with trade unions.

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