Women’s Empowerment

HRDN considers gender as a cross-cutting theme, and it requires to be integrated into policy planning, programming, implementation and evaluation of activities. HRDN’s Gender mainstreaming unit aims to provide gender-based capacity-building activities across Pakistan. HRDN believes that mainstreaming gender and empowering women would lead to poverty alleviation and improve the socio-economic status of households.

To achieve gender equality and empower women and girls, HRDN is making efforts to raise voices against gender inequalities and improve women’s potential through targeted, women-focused programmes, women entrepreneurship and conducting women conventions against injustice, violence and gender disparities across Pakistan. HRDN aligned its work with SDGs to seek guidance and a road map for integrating gender equality and reducing prejudice into all aspects of HRDN’s work to improve peace and prosperity. Hence SDG 5 is catered in HRDN’s initiatives along with SDGs 3 and 4. HRDN’s work highlights the commitment toward gender equality and women’s empowerment through its various programmes and activities.

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