Capacity Building Services

HRDN is a network of trainers and HRD experts so it comprises of diverse and talented professionals, manual/module developers, writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with HRD insights to deliver useful information, tips, experiences and lessons learnt to help and guide with need-based/customized and innovative training initiatives. HRDN since its inception strives to build capacities of people working in development, corporate, private and public sector as trainers and HRDN experts.

Being in line with its mandate HRDN facilitates its member organizations and the sector in accurately identifying skills gaps and mismatches of existing and required skills and capacities. The organizations are assisted to manage skills shortages by hiring new talent, reskilling current employees and upskilling staff by offering training services on emerging concepts and themes.

HRDN covers all aspects of training and development of employees and the workforce like:

  • Orientation workshops
  • Technical Skills Development
  • Soft Skills Development
  • Emerging Concepts and Themes
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Corporate facing

And so on

A few of such initiatives are:

  • Anti -Money Laundering and Combating Terrorist Financing (AMLCFT)
  • Media Matters
  • Organizational & Humanitarian Strategy Development
  • Effective Presentation Techniques
  • Negotiation to Win
  • Taxation
  • Training on SPSS
  • Budgeting for Proposal Training
  • Training in Proposal Writing
  • Gender sensitization in the workplace
  • Training on Gender Concepts, strategies and Methodologies
  • Team Building Training of ILO Staff
  • Induction Training
  • Training on Policy Advocacy
  • Multiple Training in the Public sector
  • Multiple Training series for UN Departments especially UNDP and ILO
  • Community and Social Mobilization
  • Community Management Skills Training (CMST)\Leadership Management Skills-Training (LMST)
  • Training on DRR and Climate Change
  • Training in Self-Management
  • Training in Project Cycle Management
  • Training on Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Training on HR Policies and Procedures
  • Making Difference Through Developing People
  • Approaching Media Organizations” Learn to Project through Media & write effective Press Release
  • Essentials of Leading Professionals
  • Internship Programmes
  • Train The Trainers (TTT)
  • Training on Rights and laws
  • Teachers Training
  • School management Committees Training
  • Training to Village Health Committees
  • ToTs on Menstrual Hygiene
  • Entrepreneurship Skills Development
  • Training to women Entrepreneurs on Menstrual Hygiene Products and Business Development

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