Youth Development

HRDN strives to inculcate critical thinking and creative actions by harnessing and empowering YOUTH as Change Agents- the Future Leaders. The initiatives undertaken by Secretariat are focused to create novel spaces for them based on research and experimentation for changing mindsets at the societal level and strengthening transformative learning approaches for sustainable development.

HRDN believes that Youth empowerment is a process where young people are encouraged to take informed decisions regarding their careers to pursue life plans. To unlock the latent potential, they are introduced to the process of conscious transformation, knowledge increase, skills enhancement, and attitudinal change through multiple openings for growth and personal development. Thus, Youth Engagement and Empowerment initiatives, originate, gain momentum, and become viable and institutionalized.


The main objective of the internship program is to provide the participants with:

  • Hands-on experience in professional organizations to help them learn about the organizational dynamics, culture and environment
  • Provide the young and talented students/graduates with the splendid opportunity of working with top-notch professionals
  • To develop the job-related skills according to their Academic areas and to groom their personalities

Thus HRDN focuses on the following dimensions of youth empowerment namely, organizational, psychological, economic, and social empowerment.

  • Organizational empowerment aims to create a working resource pool for organizations and orient the office working environment and official culture.
  • Psychological empowerment enhances individuals’ consciousness, self-efficacy, awareness, and knowledge of problem-solving skills to improve their lives.
  • Economic empowerment trains new graduates with employable and marketable skills with confidence and enhanced abilities.
  • Social empowerment creates social inclusion behaviour with social and communication skills that support the graduates in finding their path via proactive and productive ways in their respective areas.


HRDN offers Summer Internship (SIP) every year and contributes to Pakistan’s social and professional spheres.

Summer Internship Program is one of the regular features of HRDN and is designed to give students a field experience with an opportunity to share their insights, explore the links between students’ academic preparation and their fieldwork, and assist them in developing and carrying out the major research project which serves to culminate their internship experience. To enhance the skills of interns through learning by doing and to prepare them for the job market, various projects are assigned to them to get hands-on experience in development sector practices


2021-2022 -Summer Internship was dedicated to girlsTo close and reduce the gender gap year 2021-2022 was dedicated to GIRLs for Summer Internship Program. The paradigm shift across the globe has upstretched the value of uplifting existing skills and being open to learning and practising emerging working styles. With the changing world, the employer is also interested and wants to ensure diversity and gender representation in the workforce. In this vein, women were provided with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, by introducing them to multiple aspects of employment and allowing them to explore their interests and form personal career goals. This early exposure to the challenging work environment with structured mentoring helps set these young women up for leadership positions down the line in a way that has not been historically available to them.


2018-2019 was dedicated to empowering the youth of Pakistan. In 2018 -2019 the Summer Interns were attached to HRDN’s Program, Operations, HR and Finance departments. The primary focus remained to provide a hands-on, career-specific learning experience to them. Through a structured program, the students were engaged and offered opportunities to develop basic workplace professional and ethical skills at the initial stage of their careers.

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