Community Engagement

HRDN implements projects regarding community development through capacity building in partnership with different organizations.


  • Organized 5 district Workshop for LC Coordinators: to train and orient LC Coordinators on overall program management and the scope of LC Pakistan program.
  • Organized 3 Tech camps and one follow up Tech Camps to orient disables, police, journalist about information technologies to enhance their efficiency and responsiveness.
  • Provided administrative & logistic support for execution of monthly events at 18 Lincoln Corners.
  • Organized one National Workshop for all LC coordinators to provide linkages between fellow coordinators and IRC officials to increase fundamental skills in strategic planning, public engagement, and effective use of digital and programming tools. To strengthen the problem solving and communication skills of the participants; MBTI test will be administered during the workshop.


NGO Taskforce on Government Liaison (NTGL), a joint initiative of national and international organizations, aims to undertake the followings:
  • To improve working coordination with the government functionaries and facilitate NGO compliance under the new regulatory framework.
  • To liaise with the legislators and regulators to convey sector’s perspective and operational feedback so that the needs and dynamics of the development sector are duly considered in the process of policy making and implementation both at federal and provincial levels.
  • To promote industry best practices and strengthen the capacity of the NGOs for effective policy compliance by providing technical assistance and training.

Sector Consultation

First round of sector consultation was done in Lahore on September 18, 2015 and subsequently, a number of NGOs working across Pakistan, were asked for their nominations for representation on Taskforce along with their feedback and recommendations to improve the enabling environment for the Development Sector. So far around 90 National and International NGOs have submitted their nominations for the Taskforce along with very important and pertinent policy suggestions.

Government Liaison

The two founding members of the Taskforce called upon the Federal Secretary of Interior and briefed him about the mandate of the Taskforce and also discussed the way forward to ensure conducive working environment for NGOs and to strengthen the liaison with the stakeholders to address their concerns, while ensuring the compliance of spirit of National Action Plan.

Sector Outreach

The Taskforce aspires to take on board other NGOs and NGO networks such as National Humanitarian Network (NHN) and Pakistan Humanitarian Forum (PHF) to make government liaison an inclusive policy initiative.

Briefs & Consultation Notes

BRIEFING NOTE – October 2015

06/10/2015 – Notes of the Meeting with the Federal Secretary of Interior


To register your organization for representation on task force please submit registration form online.

Online Registration Form

NGO Taskforce Contact Details:

NGO Taskforce on Govt. Liaison (NTGL)
HRDN Secretariat, House No.240,
Street No.4, Sector F-10/3, Islamabad
Phone: 051-2154081-3 Ext-103

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