Institutional Capacity building of Federal Ombudsman

Thematic area:

Peace and tolerance to curtail the terrorism and violence

Project duration:


Donor agency:


Geographical Location:


Project Objectives:
  • To create awareness among 5500 ordinary citizens of Islamabad regarding available public entities and bodies which have been established for grievance redressal including federal ombudsman office through media campaign
  • To provide a plat form such as “citizen group” for citizens and civil society to discuss and then advocate for strengthened citizen’s voices for grievance redressal through the office of the Ombudsmen Islamabad
  • To undertake advocacy activities for making the voice of most disadvantaged group (such as women, children, youth etc.) heard through stakeholders dialogues and seminar
  • To advocate and contribute for institutional strengthening, transparency and effective service delivery by the office of the ombudsman through stakeholder dialogues and capacity building


  • Baseline and end line data collected to guage the knowledge of citizens regarding office of FO, 10% had at the baseline, while at the endline showed 30% people having knowledge about FO.
  • Communication strategy developed for media to enhance the effective and systematic communication
  • Capacity building of 60 officials of Ombudsman office in IT and management skills
  • Stakeholders’ dialogues on the role and responsibilities of Ombudsman institution.
  • Song on peace for prosperity written by university professor and sung live at different locations of the project intervention areas
  • Seminar and panel discussion by experts from government functionaries conducted, around 200 participants attended
  • Case studies and awareness raising campaigns with media conducted

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