Why Join

Why Join

Joining the HRDN provides you the opportunity to learn, share and grow. The community involves contributing and gaining a great deal of knowledge, insight and ideas and support.

  • Benchmark within the association community
  • Learn and network at Specialist Group meetings
  • Network at tasting events online
  • Free member-only events
  • Reduced fee for other events
  • Get answers and ideas from your peers and experts in the Discussion Forums
  • Enhance your career development and profile by contributing as a speaker and author
  • Recruit and develop your team, with Job Vacancy adverts and example Job roles
  • Access educational videos on best practice processes and skills in the Resource Centre
  • Obtain valuable discounts to third-party events and services

Who can join

Membership is open to individuals and organisations, which can be contributory and free of charge as well.

What members say

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you do need to Join or Subscribe to the HRDN. It is a condition of attending or receiving services, subscribe to its newsletter and join national/international conferences.

Email to subscribe HRDN news, illume and updates

Email your new organisation, email, and position, and we will update this and invite you to update your other profile information.

Please go through the membership policy, Detail is given

HRDN is a membership-based network of national and international NGOs and individual professionals. Promoting sustainable development, strengthening individual and institutional capacities and improving governance.

HRDN and its personnel are guided by Board of Directors, advisors, and the ultimate decisions of what and how it does is made by the CEO Ms. Robeela Bangash.