Benefits Of Membership

Networking, Information Exchange and Exposure Benefits

  • Networking & linkages development opportunities with leading Development Professional, donor agencies, and stakeholders from public and private sector;
  • Opportunities to liaise with a ‘knowledge body’ of leading professionals at different levels, disciplines and organizations dealing with human resource development and capacity building;
  • Opportunities to share professional and organizational experiences, achievements, plans and gain wider recognition in the development sector;
  • Obtaining peer & professional support and expert opinions, consultancies and advice on complex development issues;
  • Joint opportunities to “Work for a Cause” on events such as national emergencies, advocacy campaigns, wider information dissemination and awareness raising ;
  • Free participation in constructive policy dialogue, seminars, monthly forums and a wide range of workshops;
  • Opportunity to represent HRDN at city chapters – both national & international levels;
  • Opportunity to attend Seminars, Thematic Forum, Summit of Member Organizations, All Members’ Meeting, International ATR Conference (ATR), Annual JAM (Join A Movement), International HRD Congress, Pakistan Development Expo and other National and International events;
  • Opportunity to avail participation in international networking events and international travel on discount rates;
  • Access to HRDN’s periodic publications, reports, and other informative material on various development issues and interventions for learning purposes;
  • Opportunity to share/ publish/ contribute for HRDN’s research work and publications;
  • Networking externally with HRD peers and development professionals – exchanging best practice, learn new methods, and get inspiration for new ideas;
  • Introduction to new technologies and emerging successful development models on national and international level;
  • A forum for raising collective voices on matters affecting civil society and

Capacity Building and Human Resource Development

  • Opportunity to become part of the ‘resource pool of expert resource persons trainers’ in a wide range of development disciplines and key capacity areas;
  • Participate in training events at subsidized rates on courses offered by HRDN member organizations;
  • Access to HRDN Digital Resource Centre to gain information & for capacity building purposes;
  • Access to national level Trainer’s Database for organizing training events;
  • Accessing free of cost Digital Training opportunity offered by HRDN from time to time by networking with other members;
  • Hiring expert trainers from HRDN’s “trainer pool” for organizing organizational level training events on discounted rates
  • Career growth by participating and excelling in a wide range of programs and professional development initiatives offered by HRDN periodically;
  • A platform for professional and organizational members to announce and organize trainings.

Resource Mobilization, Business Development Projection

  • Access to information for consultancies on national and international training programmes, seminars, courses and job opportunities by accessing to Information Clearing House and HRDN’s Job Portal;
  • Offering services to HRDN member organizations as well as professional members for enhancing their professional competence and job skills through exchange of latest information, IT related skills & experiences, latest techniques for resource mobilization & business development, best practices and human resources;
  • Accessing to periodic updates on HRDN’s website pertaining to business development opportunities upcoming projects, call for proposals ;
  • Availing HRDN website for announcing business services, skills and purpose-specific interventions for a wider audience across Pakistan;
  • Opportunity to win freelance short & long term consultancies/ assignments through/from HRDN;
  • Consortium building for joint ventures and collective bidding to national and international funding opportunities for consultancies, research projects, training assignments ;
  • Access to HRDN members Database and profiles for headhunting

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