Enhancing Women Workers’ Awareness on their Rights and Labor Laws

Thematic area:

Capacity strengthening and empowerment of women

Project duration:

July 2014-September 2015

Donor agency:

Aurat Foundation, USAID

Geographical Location:


Project Objectives:

This project is based on the worker’s awareness of their rights and labor laws-enhancing women. The target class for this project is working women, labor, factory owners, chamber of commerce, and the general public.

  • Understanding and capacity building of women workers on their rights and labour laws
  • Empowerment and leadership of women through knowledge sharing
  • Identification of partners


  • Sensitization of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce on Harassment against women at workplace
  • Established inquiry committee on sexual harassment at Sialkot chamber of commerce
  • Sharing on harassment committee information with other industries at Sialkot
  • Sensitization of Sialkot CoC on gender discrimination and women-friendly HR policies
  • 96 women workers trained on the rights and labor laws through 3 days training workshop
  • 102 women workers were facilitated on trade union registration though two forums
  • 25 women were trained for leadership

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