Message Of CEO!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank members & supporters of HRDN who have donated generously to pursue our cause.

Our ultimate aim is the sustainable development of marginalized and deprived strata of society. HRDN has an amazing virtuoso team to pursue its activities under any challenging circumstances.

Development is the progress of positive change quantitatively & qualitatively which inspires society in ways that enhance its ability to mobilize and manage resources sustainably, which resultantly empowers the poor and enables all people to become the subject of their destiny. That’s why development is the heart-line of the Human Resource Development Network (HRDN).

HRDN has come a long way but its ambition and passion to improve ordinary people’s life are now deeply embedded in its organization’s functional and operational architecture.

The achievements and the challenges it has surmounted to reach this milestone will always provide a fillip to its team’s motivation and synergy for future achievements that could bring a sustainable and positive impact to its organization’s strategic objectives.

The technical and financial support of our donors particularly Action Aid, Agha Khan Foundation, ILO, UNDP, USAID, and US Embassy Pakistan has been a critical factor in the success story of HRDN. We are competent to additional & superior, thanks to the team spirit harmony & feedback of our partner supporters and donors. Our appreciation goes to every one of you who supports our mission.

Robeela Bangash