Ms. Zahra Tul Fatima

Zahra Tul Fatima is a development professional with significant working experience in the areas of Gender and development, Human Rights, Youth & minorities inclusion in development initiatives, Good governance, Peacebuilding, and Microenterprise and livelihood development. As a gender specialist consultant, she has served many public sectorsand national and international organizations. She brings a rich experience in management, capacity building, and community actions aimed at improving the situation of Human rights in society as well as empowering women, youth & minorities in society. She has been part of nationwide programs catering to the issues of gender, political, economic, and social rights.Having worked with the development sector, Ms.Zahra brings with her a wealth of experience and skills in gender communication, gender analyses, gender gap assessment, cultivation of gender angle in M& E tools and frameworks, development of gender action plans (GAPs) reviewing and developing gender & harassment policies, managing gender strategies, policy analysis, developing tools to mainstream gender, capacity building of managers and project staff, and knowledge-building of communities. Well-acquainted with contemporary planning and management tools, she has the ability to lead and manage teams tasked to carry out long-term programs in rural as well as urban settings. Experienced in working with multilateral partners, donors, and international organizations along with government departments, she is excellent in capacity building, training material development, and presentation. She has vast experience and strong skills to work with line departments. Currently, she is working as a free-lance consultant.

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