Ms. Myra Azam

Myra Imran is a senior print media journalist and works with The News. She is Vice President of the National Press Club and was Vice President of Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ) for 2020 and2021 . She was twice elected as Vice President of the National Press Club, Islamabad in 2017 and 2018. Myra reports on human rights issues especially those related to women pointing out the mindset behind gender discrimination. She is a researcher, documentary maker, andleadtrainer attached tothe Women Learning Partnership (WLP), a network of women leaders in the Muslim world. She is also a media trainer and has conducted several training events  for Internews, Search for Common Grounds, Group Development Pakistan, Awaz e Niswan, Baidari etc. She is Deputy Editor and Media Research at, a website that highlights media-related news. Her research “Surviving the Story” on families of FATA journalists killed or displaced due to their journalistic work has been widely recognised at the national level. She has been at the visiting faculty of International Islamic University and Allama Iqbal University. As a communication expert, she has worked with the Ministry of Human Rights, National Commission on the Status of Women, UN Women and Aurat Foundation. She has participated in several radios and television shows. She hosted a weekly web show “Hasher Nasher” on DBTV and participated as an expert in several radio shows. She is Rotary Peace Fellow and was part of Batch 27 for the three-month Rotary Fellowship on Peace and Conflict Resolution held at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. She was among the main organizers of three national conferences of women in media organized under National Press Club, Islamabad (2011) and Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (2014) and UNIC (2017). As a result of the 2014 convention, four seats for women journalists were reserved in the Governing Body of the National Press Club.

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