Annual Trainers’ Retreat

The Annual Trainers Retreat is one of HRDN’s regular activities conducted every year. The credit goes to NGO Resource Centre Karachi, which initiated the activity a few years ago. In 2002 NGORC handed over the responsibility of organizing the ATR to HRDN, necessitated by the realization that the HRDN mandate was best suited for the ATR. Ever since HRDN has been organizing this event very sincerely. The overall objective of holding the Annual Trainers’ Retreat is to provide an opportunity to the trainers to come together once a year to learn new developments and emerging concepts in the field of human resource development, and enhance their skills and knowledge through experience sharing and cross-fertilization of ideas and refresh themselves in a joyful environment. HRDN has so far organized 13 ATRs in Pakistan, Dubai, Bangkok, Egypt, and Turkey. Brief details of the past year's retreats are as follows:

4th-ATR Report-2002
4th-ATR Report-2002

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