Ms. Samina Ashraf

Ms. Samina Ashraf

Regional Coordinator/Head of Operations

Samina Ashraf is a lifetime member of the HRD network, a project manager & professional development expert, and has been rigorously engaged in planning, managing, executing, and strategically reviewing community developmental Research, Human/Women rights, Gender-based violence, Gender equality, Small grants programs, training for Human Rights defenders, Small business Entrepreneurs, Religious minority communities, Quality and inclusion in Education, Technical Training Institutes in collaboration with different stakeholders and partner organizations.

Samina Ashraf has M.Phil. Degree in Political Science with major subjects of Social change and political development, advanced research Method, and Public Policy Analysis with research community Institutions in south Punjab.

She has 20 years of versatile bilingual professional with management experience ranging in size from small projects to full-scale multi-million-dollar high profile programs of INGOs/Donors and corporate sector projects.

She is an energetic, active, and enthusiastic working woman who enjoys accepting new challenges and adventures in her professional life. She is also a well-traveled woman, who has exposure to national and international visits mostly through HRDN-Pakistan. She has been working in Punjab, and Sindh in Pakistan for planning, managing, executing, and strategically reviewing different projects and programs.   She is a well-known member of Rotary International as she served in various managerial positions as a volunteer in 7 thematic areas of Rotary community services in Pakistan.

Currently, she is attached to NRSP as a Regional Coordinator/Head of Operations for the implementation of “Punjab Human Capital Investment project economic Inclusion-Package-02” funded by the World Bank with the collaboration of Punjab Social Protection Authority.

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