Sajjad Ismail

Sajjad Ismail

Education Officer

I am in the field of education for more than twenty-five years. I worked in different capacities ranging from classroom teaching to program planning and management. Post-teaching, I led several programs on access to quality education with the national, international non-government and UN agencies. I have had an exciting opportunity to co-lead education program areas with the host country governments in six countries of three different continents.

I led education programs in emergencies (EiE), post-conflict transition, and development context. Inclusivity and equity have been the cornerstone of these programs. Other areas of my interest and expertise are peacebuilding, disaster risk reduction, life skills and citizenship education, and education policy.


Education is pivotal to the evolution and development of a society. It is education that sets the direction and pace of social evolution, economic development, and moral refinement. Globalization, fast paced technological development, transition from industry-based economy to knowledge economy, all have rendered the traditional curriculum as archaic and irrelevant opening up debates on redefine education and quality. This realization motivated me to update my knowledge and skills in education. I am currently enrolled in the M.Ed. program at the University of Windsor in Canada where I am specializing in curriculum. I have an avid interest in Technology in Education as it lies at the foundation of knowledge economy. It is a great experience and a totally different perspective of education that opens up a completely new world of innovation and experimentation in education.

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