Ms. Rifat Shams

Ms. Rifat Shams

Executive Director

Ms. Rifat Shams is the founding director of Human Resource Learning Center. She has accredited experience of 20 years in development sector with specialization in gender development, project management, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building, community development initiating and implementing multi sectoral programmes, and institution development. She has managed multi-sectoral projects in AJK and Pakistan along with long and short terms assignments with many international and national organizations including UNDP, WFP, ADBP, UNESCO, UNICEF, ISCOS, NRSP, PPAF, PRSP, The Asia Foundation, Agriculture departments and various national NGOs and local CBOs. She has been managing portfolio of grants for PPAF, WFP, UNDP, ISCOS CISL and CIDA at different times of her career move and has acquired a practical experience of training, capacity building and research.

She has developed number of manuals and modules for international and national organizations including USAID, UNFPA, Pathfinder International, Islamic Relief, World Vison, and Pakistan Center for Philanthropy, Aurat Foundation and many others. She has worked as training and research expert with subject experts for implementing special projects including JJSO, child protection, SOPs of health and labour rights.

She has conducted studies for the assessment of various projects as well as the evaluation of different programs. She was project manager of SDEP (supporting democratic electoral process) with Election Commission of Pakistan/ UNDP to ensure women participation in electoral process. She has worked as Gender Expert with ADP South AJK/ UNDP and Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO). She had worked with Gender Fund of Canadian International development Agency and has managed / monitored partners for gender based projects.

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