Mr. Mubashar Nabi

Mr. Mubashar Nabi


Mubashar Nabi possesses an M.Sc. in Rural Development and M.A in Economics. Mr. Nabi has twenty-three years of experience to his credit with exclusive thirteen years practical working with international and national organizations aiming at poverty alleviation through community mobilization. He specializes in the field of community mobilization with special perspective of forming institutions, linking them up with donor organizations and facilitating the BODs of these institutions to envision from the perspective of institutional development in their local perspective. Being an associate of MDF Holland, he had contributed widely in strengthening national & regional level institutions through capacity building initiatives linked with microfinance and infrastructure development including TRDP, MRDP, SAFCOW, JWS, IRC, BRSP, KWO, WWOP, HRDN etc.

He got the opportunity to initiate, implement and manage fairly large projects funded by UNDP, WB, WFP, UNICEF, DIFD, USAID and Save The Children (US & UK). He was amongst the pioneer professionals who initiated the National Rural Support Programme and contributed towards its growth and expansion. He was also part of the formation of Human Resource Development Network which has set a milestone in the capacity building endeavours in the country. His special interest revolves around social mobilization, capacity building, managing multi-sectoral and innovate divergent programmes in the field of poverty alleviation, disaster preparedness, livelihood, social sector, reconstruction and social mobilization.

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