Javeria Ejaz

Javeria Ejaz

Professional Member

I am a seasoned and accomplished professional having worked for various local and international non-governmental organizations, micro finance banks and donor -funded projects for more than a decade.

I have been closely working and interacting with media and law enforcement agencies  and other relevant institutions to articulate and explain evidence-based stance of my current employer with regard to complaints, inquiries and investigations in Punjab. I have been organizing and spearheading    media campaigns to highlight the achievements of my employer, articulate and explain its position on various issues and cultivate press and electronic media to improve the visibility of my employer. As an experienced lawyer and professional, I am well versed in handling inquiry and investigation procedures and proceedings. I have been regularly representing my employer in various forums- conferences, seminars, round tables and policy dialogue etc. I possess good interpersonal communication skills. I am studious with proven ability to do multi-tasking, work under pressure amid tight deadline. I won the following awards from my current employer;

  • Star Award from Marie Stopes International on core value of Courage’s with cash prize 2017-18
  • Break Through Performance Award -2017
  • Out Standing performance award by MSS-RHF project 2015
  • Out Standing Networking and performance award by MSS in 2016

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