Mr. Ijaz Khaliq

Mr. Ijaz Khaliq

Programme Specialist-USAID

Expertise: Human and Institutional Development, Education, Capacity Building, Participatory Development, Management and Research Work

Mr. Ijaz Khaliq trained as a “Development” practitioner in the non-profit sector with a basic degree of Master in Education (HRD) from the UK. In addition, he did a Post-graduate diploma in NGO Leadership and Management from School for International Training, Vermont, Brattleboro, USA. He has extensive experience in multi-disciplinary overarching fields directly related to Human Resource Development, Education, Capacity Building, Participatory Development, Project Management and Research work with cross-cutting themes of the Gender empowerment process all along.
During his carrier, he got exposure to every part of the country through extensive field visits that enabled him to deal with Government Officials, Civil Society including people from pluralistic backgrounds, to achieve targets under demanding conditions with a positive frame of mind.
He has also been directly involved in projects funded by bi-lateral and multi-lateral organizations including the UN system, USAID, DFID and World Bank.

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