Ms. Humaira Malik

Ms. Humaira Malik

Manager & Advisor

A strong manager & leader with over 30+ years of experience working with the Corporate and Non-Government non-profit sector.  Vast experience in designing and implementing Corporate Social and Environment Responsibility (CSER) strategies and diverse operational & sustainable development programs while working with multinational Oil and Gas companies such as BHP Billiton and Orient Petroleum as per all required and mandatory international laws of Sustainability & Human rights. Worked with National and International Non-Government Organisations (NGOs and INGOs) such as Action-Aid, International Union for the Conservation of Environment (IUCN), Cavish Development Foundation and Sungi Development Foundation.

As a trusted advisor, contributing as a voluntary member of the Board of two national NGOs namely Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC) and OAK- CD.

Have extensive experience in developing and strengthening Institutions/organizations both local and national. Approximately more than 500 community-based organizations for men and women were developed all over Pakistan, trained and facilitated the process of empowerment so that people become agents of change for themselves. The focus remained on ensuring Gender equity and women’s empowerment through institutional development and economic development.

Have been responsible for developing & implementing long-term sustainable development programs with a strong focus on humanitarian response, improving agriculture and irrigation systems, formal & informal education, sustainable health systems, creating livelihood opportunities, sustainable environment solutions, human rights, advocacy and lobbying for change that impacts the overall quality of life of poor as well as the most vulnerable people.

Have further worked as a trainer rather facilitator for the promotion of mainstreaming gender & development, leadership, communication and participatory approaches, both nationally and internationally. Moreover, I have also been a part of International Audit & evaluation teams to assess Corporate Social Responsibility’s strategy and its implementation work, communication, stakeholder engagement and participatory processes adopted by various mining and petroleum businesses.

Throughout the career path , have had the experience of being involved in various action-research projects which were designed to facilitate policy change at the national and local level to benefit people who are most vulnerable.

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