Dr. Atta ul Mohsin

Dr. Atta ul Mohsin


Expertise: Research in scientific techniques and critical thinking (Agriculture), Capacity Building, Community Development

Joined as a Scientific officer at National Agricultural Research Center, PARC, Islamabad in 1986  Dr. Atta Ul Mohsin worked on developing Pest Management Techniques for vegetable, fruits and rice insect pests. Meanwhile, I planned research initiatives in various working groups and trained farming community members and personnel of different organizations in Pest Management.

Awarded with PhD Degree by the Ankara University Turkey in 1997 and joined UNDP as IPM Specialist in its Area Development Program, AJK. This was a community/rural development program working in Neelum and Jhelum Valleys of Azad Kashmir and South AJK Areas. Made tremendous efforts in organizing and building the capacity of the rural communities using various integrated development initiatives like social mobilization and credit-based enterprises, Agriculture, Forestry, Industries, Livestock and Poultry and Farm Market Roads etc.

Meanwhile, UNDP initiated its activities in Urban Poverty Alleviation in 2004. He got the opportunity to work as National Project Coordinator for this Flagship Program of UNDP on “National Poverty Alleviation’” working in 4 provinces of Pakistan. This Program introduced a number of community-based new initiatives following a participatory & community empowerment approach for urban poverty alleviation in the project area.  This program was concluded in December 2007.

In 2008, he joined PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi and started working in the Education and Research areas of Agriculture. As a Professor in Entomology Department,  he has been engaged in teaching various subjects in Agricultural Entomology, planning and executing research projects through supervising various MSc (Hons) and PhD Scholars in Entomology. Worked as Chairman Entomology Department, Director External linkages, Director Pak-Korea Capacity Building Center and Chairman Purchase Committee during the course of his services at the University. Presently serving at PMAS-Arid Agri. University Rawalpindi.

During 2012-2014, he also served Pakistan Science Foundation Islamabad as Director of Research Support, Secretary PSF and Director General, Pakistan Museum of Natural History Islamabad. During this period, made all his efforts to mobilize all energies of the Foundation in boosting the scientific initiatives (both academic and Research) at the platform of PSF and the Pakistan Museum of Natural History.

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