Arshad Mahmood Akif

Arshad Mahmood Akif


HRD Professional, consultant, and entrepreneur with 22yearsof experience in corporate and development sectors in the fields of Human Resource Management, Management & Leadership, HR outsourcing, youth development & employment and soft skills. Akif is a member of ISO-260,in two international working groups on Recruitment and Diversity& Inclusion. Also, member of the National Standard Committee (NSC) of PSQCA, Pakistan on HRM Standards Development.

He launched a youth development program, “Apne Bal Peh” ( It is a comprehensive program to strengthen academia-industry relations and enable youth for the job market through training & awareness campaigns.

He is CEO of ASK Development, an ISO-certified firm (an HRM consulting and HR provision firm with over5000 employees). Also, Secretary General of SHRM Forum Pakistan (a USA-based international body of HRM professionals, and Coordinator of HRDN’s expert panel on the development of HR policies& procedures for the development sector.
He is a professional trainer & HR consultant. He is invited to speak to national and international forums and seminars on HRM and management. He is known for his engaging, motivational and thought-provoking facilitation. He has worked for several organizations to provide them with customized solutions for team building and innovative ways to sort out problems associated with teamwork with special emphasis on outdoor activities. The structured team-building activities he uses have helped management and staff to get quick results as an effective team.

He combines a practical facilitating style with a broad range of management training experience, allied to his personal enthusiasm and sense of humour, to present dynamic and informative programs that audiences find easy to relate to. Through his extremely participative and interactive programs, he leads people to develop advanced communication techniques and management strategies, resulting in their personal & organizational growth.

Arshad holds a wide portfolio of clientele in Pakistan. Because of his global exposure and work experience, Arshad Akif has developed into an excellent trainer and problem solver for his audiences. He has shared his knowledge with over 8000+ professionals from all walks of life including Banks, NGOs, Public, and National &Multinational Organizations.

He has been part of hiring projects for thousands of employees in organizations. Also headed a number of youth development and job placement projects funded by USAID Care International IYF, USA, CHF, USA, IRC, and AF. Headed women empowerment projects and capacity-building projects of UNDP in KPK for police and judiciary.

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