Annual Trainer’s Retreat (ATR)

The overall objective of holding Annual Trainers Retreat is to provide an opportunity to the Trainers to come together once a year to learn new developments and emerging concepts in the field of human resource development, enhance their skills and knowledge through experience sharing and cross fertilization of ideas and refresh themselves in a fun filled environment. The event is purposely designed as a Retreat. Given that the Trainers are always at the delivering-end in Seminars, Conferences, Trainings and Workshops round the year; they usually work under pressure and stress. Being always at the center stage,

they rarely get a chance to interact with professionals in a less demanding setting. Retreat provides them a relaxed environment where they don’t have to provide the final answers and they don’t have to be always right. Instead, the Retreat is an occasion where they can ask questions and can even afford to be wrong! Thus this gathering of HR professionals from diversified backgrounds in the Retreat in such large number serves as a unique platform to develop and enrich the HR fraternity in the country.

The specific objectives of holding Annual Trainers’ Retreat are to;

  • Provide an opportunity to HRD professionals from across Pakistan to come together for mutual learning through experience sharing and cross fertilization of ideas;
  • Sharing and distilling best practices in HRD
  • Help build the HRD fraternity in a fun filled and relaxed environment

Note about the ATR

“ATR is indeed a legacy of learning and a flagship regular event of HRDN which brings together members of the Network and provide them an opportunity to interact with individuals from varied cultural backgrounds, learn new development approaches and implement best practices in their sphere of work.”

— Chairperson

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