Youth Workforce Development Program

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."


HRDN Youth Workforce Development program is one of core program and make best efforts to lead our youth towards professionalism. We are determined to provide an opportunity to our youth to broaden their vision, attitude and skills towards a better Pakistan. The primary focus of the program is to provide hands-on, career-specific learning experience, training and employability and entrepreneurship development techniques to youth. Through a structured internship and apprenticeship program, HRDN aims to engage students/recent graduates to provide them practical experience at the workplace and offer them opportunities to develop basic workplace professional and ethical skills at an initial stage of career. The Youth Workforce program will enable them to interact and network with personnel from a variety of development, public, and corporate sector organizations to be able to enhance their knowledge and professional skills that are required and essential to become a true professional. At present-day, the world has shifted its paradigms including the traditional methods of study i.e. bookish education. These changes are opening the doors to an environment that can consist of a secure career and backbone for the economy of the youth. Thus, it is very important to provide spaces and suitable arenas at all levels for graduates and undergraduates. In a competitive job market, being the topper at your institute is not enough to secure a job due to many factors affecting job offers today. A unique or well-known internship will not only provide students with practical work experience, but will also provide them the opportunity to engage with a more diverse body of people in an office setting, preparing them for today's global business economy. Internships allow students to gain experience in their field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, or gain university credit.


Youth development service for a better Pakistan.


The main objectives of Youth Workforce Development program are to provide the participants with:

• Hands on experience in the professional organizations and to help them learn about the organizational dynamics, culture and environment.
• It aimed to provide the young and talented students/graduates with the splendid opportunity of working with top-notch professionals.
• To provide them entrepreneurship development and sustainability trainings.
• To develop the job related skills according to their Academic areas and to groom their personalities.

  • Career Counselling and Mentoring Program is one of the HRDN’s significant exertion to arm youth about the importance of Career selection and mentor them to select best suitable profession for their self. The Network has started this initiative under Cohort 3- year 2014 Internship Program titled “Umeed Jawan” in South Punjab. HRDN organized compact trainings on Career Counselling and Mentoring while engaging 20 institutions Career Development Officer with the aim to further train students in selection of their professions.

    HRDN organized a successful professional training for Career Development Officers on subject “Career Counseling and Mentoring Skills” from November 12th to 14th, 2014. Trainer Mr. Syed Abidi, a well know personality conducted the training and imparted advanced knowledge on the subject and made this training a benchmark for the participants’ of South Punjab.

    Career Counselling & Mentoring Services for Youth:

    Mentoring seminar are the important and significant activity of the Youth Workforce and National Internship Program to sensitize and educate youth regarding career counseling and make them aware to seek new and available opportunities regarding education and profession as well. The career counseling’s and mentoring services to-date provided to around 700 students in district Multan, Muzaffargarh, Lodhran and Bahawalpur.

    The mentors of seminar were:-

    • Ms. Nighat-Ul-Nisa DFID
    • Mr. Suhail Awan Executive Director HRDN.
    • Ms. Munnaza Hashmi Executive Director of Empowerment of Human Development (EHD)
    • Mr. M. Ali A. Sheikh

    We have a whole host of local and international experts who will provide their insights on a wide range of topics to facilitate the professional growth of your career and your business.
    You can list the experts with their bio.

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  • The Career Development Network is the major intervention of HRDN in Youth Workforce Development and Internship Program. HRDN has established Career Development Network under its Umeed Jawan initiative, while taking universities and college in Network fold and signed MoUs for long-term establishment and utilization of CDN for betterment and career counseling of students. HRDN Secretariat managed Career Development Portal to support the CDN.

    Focal University/College for this network is being rotated periodically to provide each district a chance to lead. The main purpose of this activity was: -

    • To facilitate 2000 students and young graduates from colleges and universities of all four districts from CDN and the Career Development Portal.
    • 20 Career Development Officers of the CDCs from universities and colleges of the target districts benefit from resources and knowledge sharing opportunities through Career Development Network.

    The Career Development aim’s primarily to deliver workforce development services, career counseling and couching to the individuals looking for right opportunities. The CDN assists Career Development Centers (CDCs) and Career Development Officers (CDOs) to sustain in their established regions and continue providing services to the stakeholders.

    A comprehensive communication strategy for the Career Development Network had been developed during the life of project that in detail contain its goals and objectives and stakeholders who are fully involve in its execution.

    The objectives of this communication strategy are:

    • Help us achieve our overall organizational objectives
    • Engage effectively with stakeholders.
    • Demonstrate the success of our work.
    • Ensure people understand what we do.
    • Change behavior and perceptions where necessary.

    Right after the establishment of Career Development Portal 2,000 students had registered in this portal for interaction with each other and getting employment opportunities and career counseling and mentoring services while sharing knowledge through linking it with Career Development Network. Online messages sent to students during the month through Career Development Portal.

    Career Resources (

    To educate upcoming and established professionals in maximizing their worth and productivity. This section will be focusing on self-development, workplace success, job search and Women Professionals. Our focus will be on topics such as resume writing, interview skills, personal branding and much much more.

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    Testimonials by career development officers:

    Ms. Fatima Junaid
    “We were considering one session of career counseling with many students to be enough to inculcate knowledge and guidance for students but now I have realized that guidance and counseling are separate subjects with its process implications”. Mr. Abidi has elaborated in simple words and live examples to understand the concept of career counseling and guidance. Besides that we never had knowledge on mid-career shift and now we are very fortunate and consider this training a blessing for us Ms. Fatima Junaid (Program Officer CDC) Islamia University Bahawalpur.

    Mr. Ahmad Bilal
    “We remain engaged with Education from many years within our City but we never developed linkages with other similar institutions, this training was so good that now we become aware of many new approaches in Career Counseling and its importance for our students” was said by Mr. Ahmad Bilal

    Mr. Arsalan Ansari
    “I have been part of Career counseling in my institute for many years in Bahawalpur but I never knew such new concept, insight on subject and knowledge about counseling. I can now say that social mobilization and guidance is not to earn money but it is our moral duty to guide the future of this country. Now we have got equipped with the knowledge, processes, and linkages for many resources through this training and would definitely utilize it for the betterment of our students” was shared by Mr. Arsalan Ansari.

    Mr. Imtiaz Warraich
    “I have been involve in Career counseling for quite some time but I was mixing Career counseling with guidance but now I realized that both are different subjects and got the way forward, how to proceed with processes and its impact on students”. I have really learnt a lot out of many lively sessions offered by Mr. Abidi who has tremendous experience on the subject (Mr. Imtiaz Warraich (Head of Student Affairs – CDC) BZU Multan.

    Mr. Sarfaraz
    Mr. Sarfaraz, CEO CARITAS came to support the interns placed in his organization. He said that he has very high expectations from the youth of Pakistan and after analyzing the work of interns, he says that the future of Pakistan is bright. He advised the interns that first step is usually difficult. However, things get easier with experience and exposure.

  • Interns’ Testimonials

    Reena Ibadat
    “A very encouraging experience, overwhelmed with professionalism. From the very beginning till the end, my colleagues were very helpful ensuring that we did not only enjoy ourselves, but are also taking away valuable learnings. It was a great pleasure of being involved with and I will definitely recommend HRDN internship programs to other students. This exposure made us think about achieving a desired result as a team, building within ourselves leadership qualities. The whole experience was challenging, fun, relevant – and yes, great!” Reena Ibadat

    Asim Saeed
    "I feel like without this internship I wouldn't be the person I am now. The experience also taught me to be more open to different ways of life and to just embrace the differences that exist in a foreign environment." Asim Saeed

    Ramla Shakil
    "My time so far, as an internee at Federal Ombudsman Secretariat, has been very beneficial, as it provided me with an opportunity to apply parts of my theoretical and practical knowledge and to get my mental abilities tested. Through my time here I have gained new skills and experiences and I can definitely say that this internship has set me up nicely for future employment.” Ramla Shakil

    Sahar Abbas
    “I have learned during my internship experience that if we keep endeavoring and be consistent there is nothing we can’t do; if we probe for the things we desire and be hopeful we ultimately find those things” Sahar Abbas

    Nadia Yar
    "After completion of my masters I have choose HRDN internship program. It was best choice I have ever done. As an HR Intern, l learned here more than during my studies. All of this helped me to put my theoretical knowledge into practice and realize what from my knowledge is important and what is not. Now I am working as a HR officer is one of the leading company" - Nadia Yar

    Muhammad Tashfeen
    “The internship under the banner of HRDN has enabled me to learn self-discipline – it helped me to learn to organize myself where I can choose to do what I feel is right and getting myself to do what I really need to do. The fruit being reaped in the form of employment in one of the reputable private organization in Pakistan.” Muhammad Tashfeen

  • Success Stories

    Muneeb Hassan
    When disappointment turns into hope
    “We had lost hope and even our survival …. in the wave of terrorism and conflicting situation,” says Muhammad Muneeb Hassan, who is also an intern at HRDN Multan office. Conscious Muhammad Muneeb said he was worried enough about his future stating that how he will earn and start breeding his family…. I see no help on the part of the government while there is no such opportunity for people like us instead of those who have power and wealth. I am obliged to have such enormous opportunity of internship, and gained a lot while doing my work. He said that he was very upset when he completed his education and he did not get any job according to his calibre, but after when he has completed his internship, he is now happy and got his losted confidence back, and his is very thank full to HRDN. He is currently working as monitoring and evaluation officer in Befare organization.

    Muhammad Rehan
    Dedication, Hard work heals the pain
    HRDN became a light of hope for me when I got job during my internship. My supervisor selected me just because of my hard work and commitment with the organization and now I am working as a finance assistant in Sycop organization.” These were the views of Muhammad Rehan who has started his career successfully in the organization he has done his internship. He thanked HRDN for considering him for this internship and providing him opportunity to some practical experience to start a successful career later on.

    Zeeshan Arshad
    Hope Alive
    He was working with HRDN Multan team and supported in the successful implementation of the project activities. He volunteered his services even after completing his internship period. He got selected in Dare foundation Multan as assistant project coordinator. “Working with HRDN and observing this project more closely helped me to understand it’s worth in a different way when I came to know the hardships of different people while starting their careers and fortunately I didn’t have to face any such difficulty because I had a chance to work in a very supportive environment and I learnt professional skills and team work. I consider myself to be prepared for starting my professional life and a proof to this is my selection for job”, He said.

    Sobia Jameel
    Hope revives among Youth
    Thanks to Almighty Allah…finally some people took care of students… says Sobia Jameel, a graduate from Jinnah College Bahawalpur. She said that project deliverables really put a lasting impact on the students and communities alike. The training imparted to the students and universities Career Development Officers and the forum provided to the students to speak their minds would go a long way in addressing and learning about careers. Sobia was optimist about the future of the new generation saying that these kinds of programs and supports for youth are effective and seems determined to defeat the extremist elements once for all for a better world. She shared that as she had completed her study she was afraid that she will not get opportunity to work anywhere but after struggle of many years. It was moment of happiness for her when she is being selected by HRDN as internee in a reputable organization. She said she is confident enough after completing her internship period that she can manage administration affairs.

    Muhammad Abdullah
    Parents get relief, hope
    Muhammad Abdullah a graduate from university was all praise for the HRDN for starting youth empowerment project in South Punjab saying that it is a big relief for him as he has got the job to assist his family. Muhammad Abdullah in a broken tone told that he was rejected by many organizations just because he has not having experience in his relevant field. He said that his concept changed as soon he was selected by Human Resource Development Network as internee and was placed in Toyota Motors. He started his work with determination cheap replica watches and dedication and proved himself as best employee and later he has been selected for permanent job just because of a model developed by him for their upcoming projects. He said my job has provided a good relief to the family in meeting the day to day expenses and he is really thankful to HRDN for such, wonderful services to youth.