HRDN Programs


NGO Taskforce on Government Liaison (NTGL), a joint initiative of national and international organizations, aims to undertake the followings:

o To improve working coordination with the government functionaries and facilitate NGO compliance under the new regulatory framework.
o To liaise with the legislators and regulators to convey sector’s perspective and operational feedback so that the needs and dynamics of
    the development sector are duly considered in the process of policy making and implementation both at federal and provincial levels.
o To promote industry best practices and strengthen the capacity of the NGOs for effective policy compliance by providing technical assistance and training.

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  • Projects by HRDN:

    Title: Women Empowerment through Employment (WEE) Thematic area: Employability
    Project period: March- September 2010
    Donor agency: USAID-JOBS
    Beneficiaries: Graduate Women

    Title: Young Professional Leadership Program Thematic area: Leadership
    Project period: January – December 2010
    Donor agency: Norwegian Embassy
    Beneficiaries: Young Women Professionals

    Title: Multi community programs
    Thematic area: Planning & Community Development
    Project period: November 2006– March 2009
    Donor agency: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
    Beneficiaries: Community Organizations & Activists

    Title: Women Community Centre Thematic area: Skill development
    Project period: March 2007 – July 2007
    Donor agency: International Labor Organization
    Beneficiaries: Community women

    Title: School Management Committees Training Thematic area: Mangement
    Project period: April – June 2010
    Donor agency: Save the Children-UK
    Beneficiaries: School Management Committees

    Title: Resuming Education for Children in Flood Affected Area Thematic area: Early Recovery
    Project period: October 2010- July 2011
    Donor agency: UNICEF
    Beneficiaries: Education Department

    Title: Baseline Survey & Need Assessment of the School & Education Department in District Pishin Thematic area: Early Recovery
    Project period: November –December 2010
    Donor agency: UNESCO
    Beneficiaries: Education Department

    Title: Capacity Building Support Initiative (CBSI) Thematic area: Educations
    Project period: March- August- 2011
    Donor agency: CARE International
    Beneficiaries: Capacity Building