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HRDN Programs

HRDN implements projects regarding community development through capacity building in partnership with different organizations.

Lincoln Corners Programming Support Pakistan ( Strengthening ties through Knowledge and Information at Lincoln corners (SKIL))

Project Detail:

  • Thematic area: Supporting Spaces (Lincoln Corners) for knowledge and information sharing
  • Project duration: September 2016 to April 2018, across Pakistan.
  • Donor agency: US Embassy, Public Affairs Section (PAS)
  • Project Objectives: 1. To provide logistic and administrative support to 18 LC’s in Pakistan
    2. To organize District Workshops and Tech Camps in Pakistan
    3. To organize LC’s National Workshops in Karachi & Islamabad
    4. Renovation of LC Hyderabad and LC SBARR Rawalpindi.

Achievements till date:

  • Organized 5 district Workshop for LC Coordinators: to train and orient LC Coordinators on overall program management and the scope of LC Pakistan program.
  • Organized 3 Tech camps and one follow up Tech Camps to orient disables, police, journalist about information technologies to enhance their efficiency and responsiveness.
  • Provided administrative & logistic support for execution of monthly events at 18 Lincoln Corners.
  • Organized one National Workshop for all LC coordinators to provide linkages between fellow coordinators and IRC officials to increase fundamental skills in strategic planning, public engagement, and effective use of digital and programming tools. To strengthen the problem solving and communication skills of the participants; MBTI test will be administered during the workshop.


NGO Taskforce on Government Liaison (NTGL), a joint initiative of national and international organizations, aims to undertake the followings:

  • To improve working coordination with the government functionaries and facilitate NGO compliance under the new regulatory framework.
  • To liaise with the legislators and regulators to convey sector’s perspective and operational feedback so that the needs and dynamics of the development sector are duly considered in the process of policy making and implementation both at federal and provincial levels.
  • To promote industry best practices and strengthen the capacity of the NGOs for effective policy compliance by providing technical assistance and training.

Sector Consultation

First round of sector consultation was done in Lahore on September 18, 2015 and subsequently, a number of NGOs working across Pakistan, were asked for their nominations for representation on Taskforce along with their feedback and recommendations to improve the enabling environment for the Development Sector. So far around 90 National and International NGOs have submitted their nominations for the Taskforce along with very important and pertinent policy suggestions.

Government Liaison

The two founding members of the Taskforce called upon the Federal Secretary of Interior and briefed him about the mandate of the Taskforce and also discussed the way forward to ensure conducive working environment for NGOs and to strengthen the liaison with the stakeholders to address their concerns, while ensuring the compliance of spirit of National Action Plan.

Sector Outreach

The Taskforce aspires to take on board other NGOs and NGO networks such as National Humanitarian Network (NHN) and Pakistan Humanitarian Forum (PHF) to make government liaison an inclusive policy initiative.

Briefs & Consultation Notes

BRIEFING NOTE – October 2015
06/10/2015 – Notes of the Meeting with the Federal Secretary of Interior


To register your organization for representation on task force please submit registration form online. Online Registration Form

NGO Taskforce Contact Details:

NGO Taskforce on Govt. Liaison (NTGL)
HRDN Secretariat, House No.240, Street No.4, Sector F-10/3, Islamabad
Phone: 051-2154081-3 Ext-103; Website: www.hrdn.net/programs.htm; Email: NGOTaskforce@hrdn.net


Project Detail:

  • Thematic area: Youth development
  • Project duration: July 2014-May 2015
  • Donor agency: Creative Associate International
  • Geographical Location: South Punjab- Multan, Muzaffargarh, Lodhran and Bahawalpur.
  • Project Objectives: The project primarily focuses on the young graduates of South Punjab region while providing them internship opportunities, mentoring and counseling. Furthermore, two new Career Development Centers established and two rehabilitated and trained 20 career development officers.

Achievements till date:

  • Signed MOUs with academia institutions two universities of project targeted area
  • Provide internships, career counselling and mentoring services to 4,370 university students and graduates of Target Districts.
  • Improved tolerance level and promote cultural values in the young students of south Punjab.
  • Helping youth to denounce extremism and avoid joining extremist groups by promoting moderate religious and cultural values.

Internship Program

Cohort 1- Year 2014 (Summer Internship Program)

Over 300 Students from Colleges/Universities applied for Nationwide Summer Internship program and after being tested, approximately 40 were short listed, that were ultimately chosen for the Internship. The students eligible to apply for this program were expected to posses’ extraordinary interpersonal skills and computer literacy. This was an opportunity for young, fresh college/university students preferably studying the area of social sciences with an age limit of 28. This distinctive learning experience allowed students to acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical field experience in research and other scholarly investigations over the period of 8 weeks.

Cohort 2- Year 2014 (GBC Region)

The HRDN Internship Program Cohort 2- Year 2014 was mutually launched by us as Pakistan’s largest Network and one of the Asia’s leading capacity development organization “Aga Khan Rural Supporting Program Network” (AKRSP). The Internship Program was in collaboration with Enhancing Employability and Leadership for Youth (EELY) Project of the AKRSP. The three months internship was for energetic and talented young men and women who have completed 16 years of education and are from Gilgit-Baltisitan & Chitral (GBC). The Agenda of Cohort 2- Year 2014 essentially focused on about a 50 internships that included 12 weeks of unique learning experience. It allowed students to acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical field experience in research during their attachment in the host organizations in their respective areas.

Cohort 3- Year 2014 (South Punjab Region

The HRDN Internship Program Year 2014 was mutually launched by Pakistan’s largest Network “Human Resource Development Network” (HRDN) and one of the Asia’s leading International Donor Agency “Creative Associates”. The Internship Program was in collaboration with Umeed Jawaan Project of Creative Associates. The three months internship was for energetic and talented young men and women who have completed 16 years of education and are from Multan, Bahawalpur, Lodhran and Muzzafargarh.

Basic objective of this program was to provide a professional environment to targeted fresh youth to utilize their academic knowledge a realistic work experience; and provide practical, structured and supervised learning experience. This on-the-job learning experience aimed to enhance their chances for a successful career development.It also meant to give them an opportunity to interact with professionals of different NGOs, public private sector organizations to be able to identify and boost the skills they need to make true professional, successful manager, employable and self-employable for the future.

Partnership for Peace-Communities and Government Working Together to Improved Services for Mohmand Agency of FATA in Pakistan

Project Detail:

  • Thematic area: Education
  • Project duration: Feb 2013 -April 2016
  • Donor agency: International Rescue Committee
  • Geographical Location: Mohmand Agency-FATA
  • Project Objectives: The Program major objectives are to facilitate cooperation between the Department of Education and their respective rural, conflict affected communities with the context relevant and conflict sensitive Community Based Education (CBE) model. This project emphasize to empower community members and government officials to collaborate in the delivery of community based primary education in the remote areas.

Achievements till date:

  • Established 20 Community Based Education models
  • Enrolled 1057 students, 599 girls and 458 boys till March 2015
  • Regular Organized international literacy day
  • Enhanced infrastructure of CBEs on community initiative bases
  • Provided conducive learning environment to girls an d boys
  • Distributed learning Kits in CBEs
  • Twenty Talimi Islahi Jirga’s (TIJs) formed (comprises of eight members in each) for education centers monitoring and management.
  • Strong partnership with government and FATA Secretariat.

Enhancing Women Workers Awareness on their Rights and Labor Laws


HRDN Women Empowerment program is determined to achieve gender equality and empower women and girls. It is making efforts to provide them equal access to decent work, human rights, knowledge about women protection laws and bills, health care facilities and representation in political and economic decision-making processes.

Project Detail:

  • Thematic area: Gender Equity Project (GEP)
  • Project duration: July 2014-September 2015
  • Donor agency: Aurat Foundation
  • Geographical Location: Sialkot
  • Project Objectives: This project is based on the workers awareness on their rights and labor laws-enhancing women. The target class for this project are working women, labor, factory owners, chamber of commerce and general public.

Achievements till date:

  • Number of training workshops held for women workers.
  • One two-day leadership organized for WWL in the district.
  • Several roll out activities (orientation sessions) conducted by WWL with respective women workers groups.
  • Three Women Worker conventions held during the project.
  • Five district-level women workers meetings held for network formation and facilitation of their onward coordination with trade unions.

Restoration of livelihood and Community Physical Infrastructure in flood affected villages

Project Detail:

  • Thematic area: Peace Building & Humanitarian Assistance
  • Project duration: December 2011 – February 2012.
  • Donor agency: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • Project Objectives: 1. To design with indigenous art combination and post the messages of peace, tolerance, respect for diversity and to good citizenship on 120 rickshaws, 40 tangas, and utilize 2 floats to spread messages in Multan & Muzaffargarh districts.
    2. To increase visibility of peace messaging to the public and to sensitize them to the ideals of peace and tolerance while creating a counter narrative to extremist messaging.

3. To give youth an alternative to joining extremist groups by providing them with opportunities to participate in activities and sensitizing them to the ideals of peace and tolerance

Achievements till date:

  • Distribution AGRI-INPUTS to 500 Housholds
  • Successful Restoration of Irrigation Pumps in 10 Villages
  • Distribution of Livestock and Poultry to 600 female-headed households for income generation.
  • Capacity building trainings: Capacity building of communities, particularly women, in areas of community management skills, leadership management skills, enterprise development, and latest agriculture techniques, different trainings were organized.
  • Training of DRR imparted to 68 volunteers (41 male and 27 female), followed by distribution of disaster management kits.
  • Distribution of Cash Grants: In order to revive crippled enterprises cash grant of PKR. 20,000 was planned to be provided to 250 most deserving enterprises, whereas priority was given to the female headed families, persons with disabilities, widows, minority groups and vulnerable.