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19th Annual Trainers’ Retreat (ATR)

19th International ATR Conference was organized in Kula Lumpur, Malaysia & Bali Indonesia from April 15th to 22nd , 2017. The main purpose of this year conference was to deliberate on opportunities and challenges of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Asia and in Pakistan, and to develop possible strategies to become more aware and proactive for achieving SDGs and to ensure exchange of learning sharing and cross-fertilization ideas.
This year 52 participants from organizational, professional and general membership category travel to make the conference a successful one. The main objectives of 19th ATR conference was: -

• To provide an opportunity to Network members’ professionals from across Pakistan to come together for mutual learning through experience-sharing and cross-fertilization of ideas
• To promote indigenous models of development internationally and learn from international best practices for replication in Pakistan;
• To facilitate cross-border organizational and people-to-people connections to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Guest of Honour and Key Note Speaker of the conference was Dr. Zulkarnain Kheda, Vice President for Education and Training Business Unit, Serba Dinamik-Malaysia and session panelists were from Pakistan Development sector to deliberate on SDGs.
Apart from the conference all, the participants in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia spent very joyful time, while enjoying the beautiful national and historical sites as well as the tourists places. Bali, Indonesia was opted as optional destination to make the trip more exclusive and full of delight.

To download 19TH ATR Report:Click Here

17th Annual Member Meeting (AMM)

The General Body of HRDN meets once a year to review the Network’s progress towards its stipulated objectives, take important long term and short term decisions and map out future course of action towards strengthening of this network. The Annual All Members’ Meeting provides a unique opportunity to all the members of HRDN to share, learn, develop linkages with other members and give their input for further enhancing the effectiveness and relevance of HRDN services towards better networking. 17th AMM is scheduled for December 22nd, 2016.

16th Annual Member Meeting (AMM)

The General Body of HRDN meets once a year to review the Network’s progress towards its stipulated objectives, take important long term and short term decisions and map out future course of action towards strengthening of this network. The Annual All Members’ Meeting provides a unique opportunity to all the members of HRDN to share, learn, develop linkages with other members and give their input for further enhancing the effectiveness and relevance of HRDN services towards better networking. 16th AMM and Annual Networking Dinner is scheduled for November 10th, 2015.

Annual Staff Review and planning Meeting 2015- 2016

15th June-2015- Annual staff review and planning meeting was held in Murree to review the Human Resource Development Network (HRDN) programs and development. HRDN City chapters’ staff representatives shared success stories and the challenges faced during their projects. A thorough discussion were held to understand the dynamics of the social development and conflict resolution.

Women Workers present Charter of demand at Convention in collaboration in Sialkot Chamber

Sialkot, June 12, 2015- Human Resource Development Network (HRDN) on Friday organized Women Workers’ Convention at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industries (SCCI), Sialkot.

The Women Worker Convention “A Journey to Organize Women Workers for Industrial Development” was held with the collaboration of Sialkot Chamber under the Gender Equity Program of Aurat Foundation supported by USAID. The purpose of the convention was to discuss and highlights the importance of Right of Association & Social Security Benefits for the Women Workers. This convention was organized to create awareness among the Women workers (formal, informal sector). More than 100 women workers participated in the convention to discuss the situation and present their charter of demand. Many stakeholders from Labor Department, Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI), social security Department and Sialkot Chamber of Commerce were present to support the women workers.

Ms. Ghazala Akhtar, Executive Director, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), was guest of honor at the event. She encouraged women for the entrepreneurship and export of products and assured full supported by TDAP in this regard.

Chief Guest Dr. Marium Nuaman, famous Industrialist and Chairperson, Chamber Women Resource center was of the view that women should enhance their skills which industry required these days so they can get better jobs and wages.

Mr. Malik Naseer, Vice President, SCCI, promised that chamber will provide full support to the women workers for their demand and will be a part of their struggle. He also promised to help women workers to initiate and complete the process for Trade Union Registration. At the moment, there is no single women trade union in District Sialkot in spite of the fact that Sialkot is one of the larger export Hub in Pakistan.

HRDN Team leader Ms. Shamim khan concluded the event by condemned the act of sexism and gender discrimination for the women workers and supported Chartered of demands.

HRDN secretariat held Women Networking event

June 9, 2015- Human Resource Development Network (HRDN) on Tuesday organized Women Networking event at the HRDN secretariat, Islamabad.

The purpose to organize this event was to discuss the current situation of development sector and to increase women participation in social development and seek out feedback from female participants. Women who joined the session came from different specialized fields. They provide valuable suggestions to increase the involvement of women in the development sector and HRDN women membership.

While addressing the event, Mr. Suhail Awan, Executive Director, HRDN highlighted the importance of women contribution in development sector and social networking. He shared that HRDN with its aim to provide a forum for the women, so they could share their problems and discuss feasible solutions.

Speaking on the occasion, HRDN founding member Ms. Afshan Tehseen said that these type of interactive events brings women closer to each other, through which they can share ideas and learn to grow beyond boarders.

One of the participants suggested that networking events should be arranged according to the interests of members. It was also suggested to prepare some strategies in such a way that every individual member feels his/her importance for the network.

Few lines from the collection of Faiz Ahmed Faiz poetry on the women empowerment was also shared during the event. At the end, Mr. Suhail Awan presented vote of thanks to the audience and assured to arrange series of women empowerment and development events.

HRDN Member of ICUN

5 June, 2015 the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa held a launched ceremony on the global partnership of forest landscape restoration. Being a member of ICUN, HRDN supports the cause of “Billions Tress Tsunami Afforestation Program” under the Bonn Challenge – The largest forest restoration initiative in the world. International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), President Mr. ZHANG Xinsheng and prominent leaders from KPK guest speakers. HRDN being a member of ICUN supports forest restoration cause of environment protection.

17th Annual Trainers’ Retreat (ATR)

Human Resource Development Network (HRDN) organized 17th Annual Trainers’ Retreat (ATR) 2015 in May at Moscow, Russia. The 17th ATR, 2015 was held to provide a structured platform to learn new and emerging concepts in the arena of Human Resource Development.

Human Resource Development Network (HRDN) is a membership based organization with more than 1000 individual and organizations are members. HRDN with its aim to enhance individual and institutional competencies by facilitating capacity development and professional excellence towards sustainable development. Among them, more than 50 prominent development practitioners of different organizations were part of delegation.

ATR is an opportunity for the development practitioners to interact with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, learn new development approaches, share and implement the best practices in their sphere of work. ATR was previously held in many countries like Turkey and South Africa, etc. During their stay, the delegation visited many historical sites of Moscow such as Kremlin, and red square. The delegation members also visited Saint Petersburg. The main event of the visit was the conference on “Youth & Human Resource Development: Pak-Russia Context”, which was organized to maximize the learning for the trainers. The guest of honor of the conference was Dr. Mojahid Mirza, who is currently working with International Information Agency “Russia Today” in its section Saputnik Urdu and Chief Guest was Mr. Vladimir Mikheev, who is a Professional Journalist with 30 years’ experience in print and electronic media in Russia. Mr. Suhail Awan, Executive Director, HRDN began the conference with the opening remarks and paid special thanks to special guests and Mr. Roomi S Hayat, Chairperson HRDN. He further shared the agenda of conference “Youth & Human Resource Development: Pak-Russia Context” and urged the participants to discuss and share their views on the challenges faced by Pakistani Youth.

Mr. Roomi S Hayat, Chairperson HRDN, discussed the current situation of Pakistan, and added that there was still a huge gap, which needed to be filled. We were mindful of the fact that our students lacked one important thing, and that was exposure to other cultures. Exchange programs for students and professionals helped strengthen people-to-people contacts among members of different civilizations that promoted tolerance and harmony as well as learning and implementing best practices.

Dr. Mojahid Mirza shared the major challenges faced by the young generations like weak education system, financial resources and lack of opportunities. These challenges can be overcome by appropriate exposure to the favorable environment to learn and grow, good education and eradication of cultural taboos.

Chief Guest Mr. Vladimir Mikheev under the conference theme added that democracy, Public Private Partnership, Youth need skilled and employment opportunities while high lightening the cross cultural differences of Russia and Pakistan.

He further empathized on education and women participation, which is also very critical and important aspect in the development of the human resource of any nation. At the end of the conference, feedback session was carried out and participants appreciates the effort of HRDN and provide their valuable suggestions to continue this journey.

Registration of HRDN with SECP

4th June, 2015- Human Resource Development Network held a meeting with the founding members to provide them the detailed progress of Human Resource strategic projects around the Pakistan by the HRDN Executive Director Mr. Suhail Awan. Mr. Roomi S. hayat Chairperson HRDN & Executive Director IRM, Mr. Abdur Rashid Chaudhary, Mr. Ch. Haq Nawaz khan, Ms. Roobela Bangash, Ms. Aqeela Tahir, Ms. Afshan Tehseen were attended the meeting. All the present founding members appreciated the humanitarian effort HRDN and its development progress. During the meeting, Mr. Suhail Awan also discussed the preparation for registration of HRDN as Company with SECP under Section 42 of Companies Ordinance of 1984 to which members provide their valuable suggestions for further improvement.