Hassan Tayyeb Tirmzi

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Capacity building program established for the performance improvement in both individual and institutional sector.

Hassan Tayyeb Tirmzi

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With his passion of inspiring people and making a difference through Training and Skills Development; Hassan has designed and delivered training solutions for various levels of client organizations and individuals, and remain enthusiastic in adding value to organizations through the delivery of improved outcomes and efficient performance of the business processes as Consultant.

A Certified Trainer, Transformation Coach, Management Consultant and an Organizational Development Professional, having over 17 years; versatile, diverse and multicultural experience in the field of Trainings, Learning and Development, Organizational Development, Human Resource Management, Business Process Re-engineering and Optimization of Organizational and Business Intelligence helps him making his sessions an exciting learning environment.

Tirmizi’s dynamic exposure varies from both Private sector, Consulting as well as public sector organizations of large scale ranging from various industries such as Cement, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing concerns, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Aviation, Security Services and Financial Institutions etc. Associated with International Training and Accreditation bodies, Professional Development Centers of renowned educational institutes and various knowledge sharing platforms as their Advisor and Lead Trainer. Tirmizi focuses on enhancing the social, technical and environmental systems in individuals and organizations to foster business and individual growth.

Tirmizi dedicates his professional knowledge and business acumen to help organizations and professionals discover and effectively implement the tools, strategies, and resources that create extraordinary results and amazing levels of professional fulfilment by helping people realizing their true potential by putting elements of passion and energy.

Tirmizi is as a Transformation Coach, helps his clients to focus on their positive talents and abilities, while helping them reach their goals in life or help them pave a way for a more fulfilling life.

From 2012 till date, Tirmizi has conducted over 100 batches of trainings, professional development sessions and Certified Professional courses with over 1000 professionals across Pakistan and his area of interest revolves around Managerial, Technical and Behavioral themes under the ambit of Leadership & Managerial Skills, Personal and Organizational Skills, People Management, Organizational Strategy Management, Human Resources and Organizational Development with renowned training companies and Professional Development Centers of top Universities.