Arshad Akif

Life Time Members

Capacity building program established for the performance improvement in both individual and institutional sector.

Arshad Mehmood Akif

Email:, Designation: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Membership No.: P-0053 Organization: ASK Development

HRD Professional, consultant, and entrepreneur with 23 years’ experience in corporate and development sectors in the fields of Human Resource Management, Management & Leadership, HR outsourcing, youth development & employment and soft skills. Akif is member of ISO-260, in two international working groups on recruitment and Diversity & Inclusion. Also, member of “National Mirror Committee” of PSQCA, Pakistan on HRM Standards Development.

He is professional trainer and also invited to speak to national and international forums and seminars. Also, Secretary General of SHRM Forum Pakistan (a USA based international body of HRM professionals, and Coordinator of HRDN’s expert panel on development of HR polices & procedures for development sector. He has been part of hiring projects of thousands of employees in organizations. Also headed number of youth development and job placement projects funded by USAUD, Care international, IYF, USA, CHF, USA, IRC and AF.