• HRDN works as a Strategic Think-tank and implements its programs to improve HR practices, social cohesion in Pakistan and Asia. The organization is exceptional as it enjoys a large number of memberships in different categories i.e. organizational, professional and general. HRDN has also introduced life time membership in all three categories and is currently receiving tremendous response too. HRDN, a membership based network, cheap replica watches elects board is also from its members. Following are the 5 categories of HRDN membership including;

    • Founder Members
    • Professional Members
    • General Members
    • Organizational Members
    • Student Members


    • • Ability to network and lobby for enabling environment for CSOs in Pakistan.
    • • Opportunities to liaise with professionals at the different levels, disciplines and organizations dealing with human resource development and capacity building
    • • Gain wider recognition in the development arena.
    • • Participate in training at subsidized rates on courses offered by HRDN member organizations.
    • • Enhance overall professional competence and skills through strategic exchange of information, experience, best practices and resources.
    • • Obtain peer and professional support, encouragement and motivation.
    • • Opportunity to participate in constructive policy dialogue, seminars, monthly forums and workshops.
    • • Representation at city chapter, national & international level.
    • • Opportunity to attend Networking and Learning events.
    • • Access to online recruitment module of
    • • Registration in Trainer's Database.
    • • Opportunity to share/ publish/ contribute for HRDN research work and publication section.
    • • Network externally with HRD peers exchange best practice knowledge, learn new methods, and source inspiration.


  • To join this exclusive network, members will be required to meet the following criteria; each application for membership shall be submitted in writing or hard copy on a prescribed application form only. The membership acceptance committee (MAC) shall give prompt consideration for each applicant’s qualification for membership in the class designated and vote upon the application. An applicant must receive the affirmative vote of the majority to avail membership.


       Selection Criteria for Individual Membership

    1. Criteria for Student Membership
      • Currently studying at post graduate or graduate level, only for the Bachelors/ Master level students (upto 16 years of education).
      • Interested in HRD related activities for learning, experience sharing and future opportunities.
      • Age between 20 to 27
      • Currently do not have a Job.
      • Willing to participate in various initiatives of the network
      • Willing to volunteer their services for the HRD Network as required.
    2. Criteria for General Membership
      • Masters degree holder/ sixteen years of education.
      • Involved in HRD related activities directly or indirectly (preferably HRD practitioner/ Trainer).
      • Age: 22 to onwards
      • Willing to share her/his expertise and knowledge to the network members.
      • Recommended by either one Founder or Professional member or General member of HRDN or face-to-face interview conducted.
    3. Criteria for Professional Membership
      • Masters degree holder/ sixteen years of education.
      • Directly involved in HRD related initiatives since at least last three years.
      • Age: 25 and above
      • Command over the subject/ area/ field of training.
      • Willing to share her/his expertise and knowledge to the network members.
      • Recommended by either one Founder or Professional member or face-to-face interview conducted.

    Note: Recommendation from existing members on the form is compulsory for all categories of individual memberships excluding Student and International members.


    Selection Criteria for Organizational Membership

    • Should be a non- profit, non-political, involved in development process.
    • Any donor organization facilitating and sponsoring participatory development initiatives/ programs or projects either local or provincial.
    • National and International NGOs / academic institutions / Rural Support Programmes with training and capacity building being one of the key components.
    • Any relevant Govt. / Semi Govt. institution / departments.
    • Academic Institutions/ Universities building capacities of youth.
    • Organization to nominate one member as contact person and another as a backup.

    Note: Reference is compulsory for all categories of membership.


    Selection Criteria for Lifetime Membership

    1. Criteria for Lifetime Professional
      • Three Years active membership in respective category;
      • Have paid all the previous dues;
      • No complaint registered against him/her by the secretariat or members;
      • No resolution registered against his/her becoming lifetime members by any other members.
      • Have actively participated and voluntarily contributed in 3-4 initiatives, events management, conducting trainings at HRDN platform.
    2. Criteria for Lifetime Organizational
      • Three years active membership in respective category, Govt. organizations are exempted from this;
      • Have paid all the previous dues;
      • No complaint registered against them by the secretariat or members;
      • No resolution registered against their becoming lifetime members by any other members.
      • Have actively participated and voluntarily contributed in 3-4 initiatives at HRDN platform or financially contributed or supported HRDN in business development. International Organizations are exempted from this criterion.
      • Willing to work jointly with HRDN for business development and strengthening of network through a consortium or MoU.


    Cancellation of Membership

      Individual / Organizational
    • Two years inactive membership in respective category; (No representation in HRDN activities)
    • Haven’t renewed membership since last three years;
    • If any complaint gets registered against them by the secretariat or members and MAC accepts it
    • Individual/ organizations finds to provide incorrect & false/fake information/ data regarding their capacities and activities performed.
    • The Member, at the conclusion of any membership year, may cancel membership by contacting HRDN
    • HRDN reserves the right to cancel a membership if a Member violates HRDN’s Membership Policies and Benefits.
    • If the Member fails to sign the renewal/ acceptance letter within 60 days following the renewal date, HRD will cancel Membership Benefits.
    • If a Member receives a Membership letter from the MAC but fails to submit payment against the invoice within 60 days of the invoice date, HRDN will cancel Membership Benefits.


  • Fee Structure

    Organizational Members
    TypeJoining FeeAnnual Fee
    National SmallPKR 15,000 PKR 10,000
    National MediumPKR 20,000PKR 15,000
    National LargePKR 30,000 PKR 20,000
    InternationalUSD 500 USD 300
    Associate Members
    TypeJoining FeeAnnual Fee
    Associate Small    PKR 30,000 PKR 15,000
    Associate Large            PKR 50,000 PKR 30,000
    Individual Members
    TypeJoining FeeAnnual Fee
    Professional MembersPKR 10,000PKR 6,000
    General MembersPKR 7,000PKR 5,000
    Lifetime Members
    TypeJoining Fee
    Professional MembersPKR 50,000
    TypeJoining Fee
    Student Members        Rs. 300


  • Organizational Members: 130

    Individual Members: 850

    Actionaid Pakistan

    Aga Khan Rural Support Programme

    AJK Rural Support Programme

    Awaz Foundation Pakistan

    Al-Khidmat Foundation

    Association for Community Development

    Association for Gender Awarenesss and Human Empowerment

    Association for Humanitarian Development

    Balochistan Environment and Educational Journey

    Balochistan Rural Support Programme

    Basic Education and Employable Skill Training
    Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program

    Bunyad Foundation
    Centre For Excellence Rural Development

    Church World Service
    Civil Society Hid Programme(CHIP)
    CARE International in Pakistan
    Caritas Pakistan

    Community Empowerment

    Community Research Development Organisation

    Center of Peace and Development

    DAR-E-ARQAM School Sabzazaar

    Comsats Institute of Information and Technology

    Farmers Development Organization

    Exuberent Group

    Ghazali Ducation Trust

    Fast Rural Development Progrm

    Farmers friend Organization

    Ghazi Barotha Taraqiati Idara

    Hashoo Foundation

    Health and Nutrition Development Society

    Human Appeal International

    human development foundation

    Human Resource Development Society

    Hayat Foundation

    HUJRA Village Support Organization

    Human Resource Development Center-University of Punjab

    Institute of Rural Management


    International Committee of the Red Cross

    Internews Pakistan

    Islamic Relief Pakistan

    Islamic International Medical College Trust

    Jinnah Welfare Society

    Khushal Awareness and Development Organization

    Khwendo Kor

    Life Development Foundation

    M.A Jinnah University

    Management and Development Foundation

    Muslim Hands International

    Mari Gas Company Limited

    Muslim Aid

    National Database and Registration Authority

    National Rural Development Program

    National Rural Support Programme

    Naziran Yousaf Memorial Trust

    NRSP Microfinance Bank Limited

    Paiman Alumni Trust Fund

    Omar Asghar Khan Center for Development

    Oxfam Novib Islamabad

    Pakistan Community Development Programme



    Punjab Micro Finance Network

    Participatory Rural Development Society

    Participatory Village Development Program

    People Empowerment and Consulting Enterprise

    Plan Pakistan

    Punjab Educational Endowment Fund

    Punjab Rural Support Programme

    Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company

    Research and Development Foundation

    Qatar Charity

    Rural Community Development Society

    Rural Development Policy Institute

    Rural Support Programme Network

    Roof Work Foundation


    SAIBAAN development Organisation

    Sami Foundation

    Save The Poor

    Sindh Agricultural and Forestory Workers Coordinating Organization

    Sindh Developmental Society

    Sindh Rural Support Organization

    Sindh Rural Support Programme

    Society for Human Advancement and Disadvantaged Empowerment

    Society For Human Rights and Prisoners Aid

    Soon Valley Development Program

    Strengthening Participatory Organization

    Sungi Development Foundation

    Sustainable Development Policy Institute-sdip

    Society for Community Development

    Society for Awareness Advocacy and Development

    Sarhad Rural Support Programme

    Society for Community Support for Primary Education Balochistan

    Society for Empowering Human Resources

    Sukaar Foundation

    Sustainable Environment and Development Foundation

    Taraqee Foundation

    Thardeep Rural Support Programme


    Womens Empowerment Group

    Water Environment and Sanitation Society

    World Vision International

    Youth Resource Centre

    Basic Needs

    Pakistan Press Foundation


How to Apply For Membership

For Individuals

Individual Membership Form

For Organizations

Institutional Membership Form