Ms. Rizwana Ehsan Waraich

Ms. Rizwana Ehsan Waraich

Free Lance-Consultant

Expertise: Project Planning& Management, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Assessments in  Poverty, Social, Gender, and MEAL

Being as poverty, climate change, social inclusion, and gender Equality professionals have more than 30 years of experience in social development, gender in development, planning, monitoring, evaluation and assessments both in development and humanitarian. Most of her experience is with UN agencies (UNDP, UNFAO, UN Women, and UNIDO etc.), NGOs, INGOs, ADB, AIIB, and WB along with different government departments, Universities, and renowned consultant firms. She is quite sound in the Public-Private Partnership for smooth implementation and sustained development, properly addressing. As a gender mainstreaming expert involved in multi-sector projects. I am equally experienced at policy-level institutional building and community-level implementing stages. Have experience in developing and monitoring gender indicators of different sectors and gender-responsive projects. Have specific experience in forming and running networks, forums, and cells. Have sound experience in developing gender-responsive proposals, reports including case studies and lessons learned also proposed sustained practice for conducting a social and gender-inclusive assessment. Conducted more than 35 third-party monitoring and evaluation, project end evaluations, assessment and research studies/surveys, diagnostic surveys, poverty, social and gender analysis, gender mainstreaming assessment, FAO Country Gender Assessment, women empowerment assessment, women livelihood analysis, etc. Specific experience in providing policy and strategic guidance in multi-sector programs in gender mainstreaming and inclusion to promote learning in various public and private institutions. Further provide leadership a process of strengthening and integrating gender equality and inclusion perspectives across different programs and projects, by adopting a Gender Transformative programming approach. Have specific experience in developing SEGA and other participatory assessment tools and building program capacity, ensuring it implementation. Conducted more than 32 third-party monitoring and evaluation, project end evaluations, end-line surveys, assessment and research studies/surveys, diagnostic surveys, poverty, social and gender analysis, gender mainstreaming assessments, women empowerment assessments, women livelihood analyses, etc.

HRDN Pakistan is the most critical and resourceful capacity-building institution, providing services both in the private and public sectors not only at national level but internationally. It makes new friends and industry acquaintances; and expands social circle and business partners. HRDN involves in arranging meetings with new people and exchanging professional ideas, information, and experiences between groups and individuals. Further, helps in developing professional networking both in formal and informal settings also conducting events, and connecting with specific individuals and associations. It provides a platform to bring professionals together to connect and help each other for growing their careers. My experience with HRDN was awesome and it helped me to meet with some good professionals and increase my friends’ circles. I think HRDN has to expand its work to conduct not only capacity-building projects but also to conduct studies and assessments as well as implement the project.

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