ATR Reports

ATR Reports

20th Annual Trainers Retreat

April 2018, Melbourne & Sydney-Australia

The theme of 20th International ATR Conference was “Indigenous Culture & Models of Development”. It was organized in Melbourne & Sydney-Australia from April 21st to 28th, 2018. 24 participants from Organizational, Professional and General Membership categories were part of the innovative and successful conference.

The conference was moderated by a renowned communication specialist and organizational member of HRDN Mr. Tauseeq Haider, Managing Director of Black Box Sounds. Guest Speakers of the conference included:

  1. Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam, Inspector General Motorway Police and National High Way Authority Pakistan
  2. Mr. Nadeem Malik, Senior Professor, Melbourne University, Australia
  3. Ms. Humaira Farooq, Managing Director- NICS, Pakistan
  4. Ms. Sameen Iqbal, Chief Executive Officer, We are One (WAO) Pakistani Radio Channel- Melbourne Australia

The rationale behind international ATR conference is to promote opportunities for sharing and creating platforms to engage various societies to promote interaction and explore channels of communications with different parts of the world. Conference’s agenda also allowed the participants to explore Sydney and Melbourne and experience a diverse society of Australia through firsthand experience.

19th Annual Trainers Retreat

April 2017, Kaula Lampur, Malaysia

19 International ATR Conference was organized in Kula Lumpur, Malaysia & Bali Indonesia from April 15 to 22, 2017, and attended by 52 Organizational, Professional and General members of the Network. The event was honored by  Dr. Zulkarnain Kheda, Vice President for Education and Training Business Unit, Serba Dinamik-Malaysia, as a chief guest and key note speaker.

Mr. Abid Hussain CEO Sukkar Foundation deliberated on “SDGs: ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH CLIMATE CHANGE MITIGATION AND ADAPTATION, BEST PRACTICES”.Mr. Naseer Iqbal  National Education Advisor REPID, spoke about “SDG: Inclusive Education and role of Private Sector”, while Mr. Saleem Ahmed presented the documentary in session “Economic growth and Role of Private Sector”.

The refreshing moments for the members were a city tour to explore sky scrapers and architecture of Kaula Lumpour the capital city of Malaysia. Bali known as Land of Gods was another attraction for 40-45 members.

18th Annual Trainers Retreat

April May 2016, Baku, Azerbaijan

HRDN held its 18th ATR in Baku, Azerbaijan on the topic of sharing developmental models and cross-country experiences in implementing them, in order to inspire innovative newer development models that are replicable in various contexts. The ATR was held from April 29 to May 6, 2016 and involved the sharing of four development models from Pakistan and Azerbaijan each. The delegation of 44 members from Pakistan and more than 30 from the host country attended the conference.

The session speakers on “INDIGENOUS MODELS OF DEVELOPMENT FROM PAKISTAN”, were Mr. Malik Fateh Khan CEO GBTI, Mr. Saleem Ahmed CEO Hujra, Mr. Roomi S.Hayat CEO IRM.

SESSION II was dedicated to “INDIGENOUS MODELS OF DEVELOPMENT FROM AZERBAIJAN”.The panelists included Ms. Tatyana Mikayilova, Coordinator, 100 Business Women of Azerbaijan , Mr. Shamil Suleymanly, Chairman, National Center of Educational Technologies, Azerbaijan , Ms. Rena Safaraliyeva, Executive Director, Transparency Azerbaijan ,Ms. Shamsiyya Mustafayeva, Head of Women in Development, Public Union, Azerbaijan. Mr. Khalid Usman Qaiser Pakistani Ambassador to Azerbaijan was the chief guest.

The second day of the conference was dedicated to explore old and new city of Baku, Azerbaijan. Around 30-35 participants also enjoyed a three-day optional trip to Dubai-UAE and spend quality time together.

17th Annual Trainers Retreat

April 2015, Moscow, Russia

17th ATR was organized at Moscow- Russia from April 25-30 ,2015 around the Conference theme “Youth & Human Resource Development: Pak-Russia Context” with a focus on People-to-People interaction and finding out areas of Cooperation in Human Resource Development and Education.

Mr. Roomi S Hayat, Chairperson HRDN highlighted the importance of exchange programs for students and professionals that can strengthen people-to-people contacts among members of different civilizations and promote tolerance and harmony as well as learning and implementing best practice while Dr. Mojahid Mirza (currently working with International Information Agency “Russia Today” in its section Saputnik Urdu) emphasized the critical role of NGOs in  increasing the opportunities for youth in job market and to break cultural taboos. Chief Guest Mr. Vladimir Mikheev (who was a Professional Journalist with 30 years’ experience in print and electronic media) shared the challenges of Russian society and Youth, but despite of all difficulties, Russian society excelled in field of science.

16th Annual Trainers Retreat

May ,2014 Skardu, Pakistan

The Theme of 16th ATR was “Peace-Poverty and Youth”. Almost 80 members of HRDN Network representing Organizational, Professional, General and Lifetime Membership categories along with founding members attended the conference.

15th Annual Trainers Retreat

April 2013, Uzbekistan

The Theme of 15th ATR was “Education Key to Development”. The Pakistani delegation consisting of 110 members of HRDN Network attended the Conference. H.E. The Ambassador of Pakistan Mohammad Waheed-ul-Hasan hosted an official lunch on  April 24 at Restaurant Karim Beg that was a little out of the city with nice grape wines. H.E. The Ambassador was highly impressed with the participation and discussion. Two speakers Ms. Anna Chernousova and Dr. Dinara Alimdjanova along with our facilitator in Uzbekistan Ms. Djamila Babadjanova also joined us for informal interaction with the participants of the ATR.

The historical three cities of Uzbekistan including Tashkent, Bukhara & Samarkand were the destinations of the gallivants of HRDN. In this International trip they experienced almost all medium of transportation i.e. Airplane from Islamabad to Tashkent & Back), local Taxies, Local Train from Tashkent to Bukhara, Luxury Buses from Bukhara to Samarkand & finally Bullet Train Afrosiyob from Samarkand to Tashkent back).

14th Annual Trainers Retreat

April, 2012 Cape Town, South Africa

The Conference on “Climate Change – the Point of Concern” was held on April 16th,2012 at Protea Hotel, Cape Town/South Africa. The Pakistani delegation consisting of 68 members of HRDN Network attended the Conference. Mr. Roomi Saeed Hayat – Chairperson, Human Resource Development Network (HRDN) / CEO Institute of Rural Management (IRM) welcomed the guests and participants of the Conference in his Key Note speech. Three Learning Sessions and Speakers of the conference were, “Environmental Management in Industry: A South African Perspective”- Mr. Christian Friedrich Gerhardt – Senior Environmental Manager NCC Environmental Services, “Inclusion of Public Opinion on the effects of Climate Change on infrastructure delivery projects”- Mr. Salliem Samodien – Director of Samotech Project Quality Consultants, “Green Jobs”- Professor Hoosen Rasool – Managing Director, Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA)

The Guest of Honor of the conference was Dr. Rashid Bajwa – CEO, National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) who deliberated on “Development Perspective in Pakistan”, Dr. Moin ud Din Ahmad Wani – Commercial Secretary, Trade Commission of Pakistan, Pakistan High Commission, South Africa addressed at the event as a Chief Guest of the Conference.

The Refreshing Moments spent in exploring South Africa consisted of Table Mountain through Red Bus Tour, Cape of good Hope, Penguins Colony, Hout Bay and Seal Island, Chapman’s Peak Kristenbosch National Botanical Garden.

13th Annual Trainers Retreat

April - May 2011, Malyasia - Singapore

13th Annual Trainers’ Retreat (ATR) was organized at Malaysia – Singapore from April 27th- 4th May, 2011 with “Building Human Resources for Sustainable Development” as a theme of a Conference. The success of the 13th Annual Trainers Retreat 2011 can be assessed by the fact that it was attended by 150 members from all over the country actively engaged in capacity building of the development sector. Dr. R. Palan deliberated on “Role of Human Resource Development in the Progress of Malaysia”, Ms.Uma Narayanan from HRD – Church World

Service pondered on “Human Resources Development during Disasters for Sustainable

Development”. The Chief Guest of the conference Dr. Imtiaz Qazi Deputy Head of Mission,

Pakistan High Commission in Malaysia delivered his honorary remarks.

The cultural exposure to the country was provided by visiting “Petronas Towers, Putrajaya, Batu Caves and Resorts World Genting. A Singapore Saga was the part and parcel of the trip.

12th Annual Trainers Retreat

April 2010, Bejing, China

Human Resource Development Network organized 12th Annual Trainers Retreat 2010 in Beijing, China. The Theme for this year’s ATR was “New Paradigm: Moving from HRD to Culture of Performance”. The event was attended by more than 92 participants having varying backgrounds in the field of Training and Development.

The key note was presented by Mr. Roomi S. Hayat, Chairperson HRDN with the title “New Paradigm: Moving from HRD to Culture of Performance”. The Learning sessions were on “ROLE OF MUSLIMS IN PROGRESS OF CHINA” by Ms. An Feifei – Director SdnBhd, “GREEN JOBS: TOWARDS DECENT WORK IN A SUSTAINABLE, LOW CARBON WORLD” by  Mr. Satoshi Sasaki- ILO, EMPLOYMENT IMPACTS OF TRANSITION TO GREEN ECONOMY by Mr. Sasaki, Mr. Santoshi  shared the “DRIVERS OF GREEN EMPLOYMENT”, HE Muhammad Masood Khan, Ambassador of Pakistan, China was the Chief Guest of the Conference.

11th Annual Trainers Retreat

Istanbul, Turkey

Human Resource Development Network organized 11th Annual Trainers Retreat 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey from April 18th-24th. The Theme for this year’s ATR was “Building the Capacities; Vision to Change, Power to Act” with the participation of 54 members of the Network. Learning sessions on “Profitability through Human Capital”, “Human Capital Measurement” and “Employee Branding: New Mantra to build loyalty” were conducted by Ijaz Khaliq, Sheeraz Aslam Mian and Dr. Amena Hassan respectively.

The Places visited by the members at Istanbul included Topkapi Palace and museum, Blue Mosque, Hagya Sophia, Dalmabachi Palace, Bursa Hill, Panorama Museum, Miniature Turk Park and Beyzantine wall. Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansari and Sahaba’s Mausoleums the fantastic freezing Cruise on the Bosphorus famous Grand Bazar and Spice Market was another interesting experiences to the members. The members appreciated the convenience tram system of the city to travel around and see the city.

10th Annual Trainers Retreat

April ,2008 Cairo, Egypt

10th Annual Trainers’ Retreat (ATR) was organized at Cairo – Egypt from April 11th-18th 2008 with “Equitable Human Resource Policies” as a theme of a Conference. The success of the 10th Annual Trainers Retreat 2008 can be assessed by the fact that it was attended by 105 members from all membership categories across Pakistan.

9th Annual Trainers Retreat

April, 2007 Dubai, UAE

09th Annual Trainers’ Retreat (ATR) was organized at Dubai – UAE from April 20th-26th 2007 with “Retaining High Performers” as a theme of a Conference. The participation of excited 92 members of HRDN made the Conference and the retreat a successful and memorable event.

7th Annual Trainers Retreat

June 2005, Swat, Pakistan

The Human Resource Development Network organized 7th Annual Trainers Retreat from June 10th-12th, 2005 in Swat-Pakistan. Theme for this year’s ATR was “Managing Performance and Learning”.  The event was attended by more than 85 participants having varying backgrounds in the field of Training and Development. Learning sessions on ‘Trainers Must Also Learn’, ‘Employees Performance Evaluation and ‘CreativeThinking” were conducted by Mr. Javed Malik , Dr. Tahir Hijazi and Professor Aman Ullah Khan. The rare serenity of Malam Jabba, famous skiing resort in Pakistan famous skiing resort in Pakistan captivated the participants of ATR. Madiam and White Palace at Marghuzar also mesmerized the members.

6th Annual Trainers Retreat

April 2004, Dubai, UAE

The 6 ATR was held from 4 to 9 April 2004 on the theme “Performance Improvement through Innovations”. The learning sessions were designed with contents of great relevance to the theme and the work of the participants. More than 65 members attended this Retreat and demonstrated very high level of professional interest and penchant for learning by their enthusiastic participation in all the sessions. Important topics discussed in the Retreat included, “It’s all about Trust” by Mr. Ramiz Allawala, “Multi-cultural Challenges for Trainers” by Ms. Zaufyshan Haseeb -INTEK Solutions, Dubai, “Miracles of Memorizing Techniques” by Dr. Tahir Hijazi-Dean Faculty of Management Sciences, MAJU, Islamabad, “All about Success, Human in Human Resource Development”.Heart to Heart” by Mr. Irfan Mustafa-Vice President & Managing Director, Yum! Restaurants int’,l Dubai,The Human”in Human Resource Development” by Mr. Anibal L. Oprandi, “The Question of Learning” by Mr. Abdul Wali Zahid .

To provide an opportunity to the trainers to have fun and relax an official dinner was organized at Al-Mumzar Beach Park. Trip to Desert Safari Sightseeing and shopping sprees added to the memories of the members.

5th Annual Trainers Retreat

April 2003, Bhurban, Pakistan

The 5th ATR was independently organized by HRDN in Bhurban –Muree from 5th to 6th April 2003. More than60 trainers and HRDN members participated in the event. The learning sessions were “Quality Standard in training Evaluation Methodologies” by Shadab Fariddudin,” Training Evaluation Methodologies” by Roomi S.Hayat, and “Utilization Studies and Impact Assessments” by Kamran Akbar. Plans for first ever International HRDD Congress were presented and discussed by Mr.

Ozair Hanifi. The event provided trainers and members an opportunity to discuss the current training activities and interest.

4th Annual Trainers Retreat

April, 2002

The Theme of 4th ATR was “Enriching Training Methodologies”. More than 40 participants attended the retreat from which 33 were the trainers from 28 organizations across Pakistan. The concept was to improve the quality, relevance and effectiveness of training through adoption of appropriate technology as a tool for “Interactive Learning”. Interactive presentations were provided by the experts Mr. Badurdin Palanpurwala-GM-HR,Tapal Energy Karachi and Mr. Shadab Fariddudin-Principal Consultant KSBS. Mr. Arshid Akif talked about “Values of Training” covering the Code of Conduct for Trainers which was finalized and road map for its implementation and endorsement by HRDN in its AGM was agreed upon.