AMM Reports


20th All Member's Meeting - 2019

For the last two decades, HRDN has continued the tradition of holding All Members Meeting (AMM) for both updating HRDN members about network’s performance in the previous year, and at the same time inviting their feedback for enhancing the effectiveness and relevance of network’s activities in the future. November 28 was the day marked for 20th All Members Meeting with a unique and interesting theme “State of Youth in Pakistan focusing on NEET”-SDG 8.6. at Marriot Hotel Islamabad with the attendance of more than 150 participants including HRDN Members, high officials from the public sector, donor’s community, UN agencies, I/NGOs, academia, students, transgender representatives, and media

After the welcome address by Chairperson Roomi S. Hayat the annual performance was presented by CEO Ms. Robeela Bangash. The Experts of Session 1 “Policies for NEET Youth”, were Dr. Lubna Shahnaz- Economist; Mr. Shaihid Naeem-Head SDG Unit Planning Commission of Pakistan; Ms. Ingrid Christensen-Country Director ILO.

Ms. Laura Sheridan-Program Specialist UNDP highlighted the innovative approaches adopted by UNDP for enhancing engagement of NEET Youth in session II.A documentary developed by UNDP and HRDN to enhance the understanding of the voices of NEET Youth was followed by the talk of two change makers Mr. Hamza and Ms. Shalmee.

The third session of the day was dedicated to “Initiatives to engage NEET Youth” a panel discussion. The panelists were Mr. Muzaffrudin GM –AKRSP; Mr. Majyd Aziz-President Employees Federation of Pakistan; Mr. Zahoor Awan-General Secretary –Pakistan Workers Federation; Mr. Munir Ahmed ED-Dev COM Pak.

Mr. Usman Dar SAPM –Youth Affairs was the Chief Guest of the event. In his keynote Mr. Dar appreciated HRDN’s efforts in highlighting such an important issue and shared the governments vision to empower youth and salient features of Kamyab Jawan Programme. Youth entrepreneurship scheme, Hunarmand Jawan, National Internship, Green Youth and Startup Progrmme all focusing on employing youth and enhancing required skills for job market were few initiatives taken by Ministry of Youth Affairs.

The distinctive feature of the day was the distribution of certificates to Life Time Members for honoring their unwavering commitment and dedication in the development of the Network.

19th All Member's Meeting - 2018

The All Members Meeting (AMM) offers opportunity to HRDN Members of networking, learning and knowledge sharing one hand and updates them about network’s yearly performance along with their feedback and guidance to enhance the effectiveness and relevance of the network’s activities for future.

The 19th AMM 2018 was organized on Saturday 13th October, 2018 at Hotel Marriot, Islamabad around the theme of “State of Human Resource Development in Pakistan” to gather evidence, new trends and recommend strategies to address needs of Pakistani society. The event was attended by 130 participants from various public and private organizations, development sector, UN agencies, Media and valuable HRDN Members. The event was honored by Mr. Shahryar Khan Afridi, Minister of State for Interior as a chief guest. The panelists comprised of   Mr. Shafqat Munir (Associate Research Fellow Resilient Development, SDPI) Mr. Syed Kaleem Imam IG Sindh Police-HRDN professional member, Mr. Ali Kemal Economic Policy Advisor, SDG Support Unit Planning Commission, GoP, Mr. Shakeel Ahmad Assistant Country Director SDG Unit-UNDP. The video documentaries courtesy Black Box and IRM (HRDN Organizational Members) related to skills development in Hunza , a case study of a Road Side book Library in Mithi , a case study of  low-cost model of SMART school for street children were also appreciated by the audiences.

18th All Member's Meeting - 2017

18 All Members Meeting (AMM) was arranged on November 18, 2017 at IRM Complex to highlight the “Role of Micro Finance Institutions and SDGs “, as a theme of a Conference.

Dr. Syed Tahir Hijazi renowned Economist (HRDN Member) as a keynote speaker, Dr. Noor Fatima HOD- IIUI (HRDN Member), Dr. M. Murtaza CEO -RCDP (HRDN Organizational Member) and Chairman PMI and Mr. Sherzaman CEO- BRAC (HRDN Organizational Member) deliberated on the topic of the conference.

The yearly progress of HRDN and future plans were shared by the secretariat. A special session was dedicated to members for expressing their views and to present their recommendations to be considered by the Secretariat in formulating future strategy. The session concluded with Gala dinner and musical night for the members.

17th All Member's Meeting - 2016

17 All Members Meeting (AMM) was organized on December 22,2016 at IRM Complex with a theme “CPEC-Role of Civil Society”, as a Conference theme.

Mr. Sherzad Ali Khan (Head of M&E and Renewable Energy with Aga Khan Rural Support Program -AKRSP), shared the Key Findings of Labor Market Assessment, Gilgit-Baltitan CPEC – Challenges and Opportunities. Mr. Wali Zahid (Pakistani futurist, speaker, social media strategist and blogger.) briefly talked about “Is Pakistani Human Resource ready to Benefit from CPEC”.

Mr. Amer Zafar Durrani (Advisor to UNOPS and consultant for the ITC and ADB) spoke “How agile Pakistani Civil Society is to respond to opportunities and challenges in CPEC”. The yearly progress of the Network was also shared.

16th All Member's Meeting - 2015

The 16 All Members Meeting (AMM) was held on October 11,2015 at AQS Gallery Islamabad and attended by HRDN members and representatives of major donors, Public sector, INGOs, academia and students.

Mr. Zulifqar Ahmad Cheema- Executive Director of NAVTTC honored the occasion as Chief Guest while Mr. Hans-Ludwig Bruns, Coordinator GIZ-TVET Reform Support Program was the key note speaker. The theme of the event was   public private partnership. Both speakers highlighted the significant role and contribution of development sector in promoting the cause of TEVTA. NGOs can plan important role in building some center of excellence in infrastructure, equipment and training of trainers, while INGOs should share some success stories to be replicated as per social requirements.

HRDN yearly progress and next year plan of action was followed by “Members’ Hour” with underlying objective to provide an open forum to members to network, learn, share and give suggestions to secretariat to make it more viable for members- the owners of the Network.

15th All Member's Meeting - 2014

15th AMM was a two-day event held on October 17th & 18th, 2014. The first day featured an Annual Networking Dinner with Musical Night, while the All Members Meeting with learning sessions, new BoD Elections and Oath Taking ceremony took place at International Islamic University, Faisal Mosque campus, Islamabad on day two. The progress and achievements of HRDN of preceding year as well as major challenges confronted by the Network were shared with the members.

The event was graced by HRDN Members, representatives from public sector, development sector, I/NGOs. Dr. Katja Jobes, Senior Development Advisor DFID, Mr. Mudassar Rizvi, Executive Director FAFEN and Dr. Jawad Hamdani, Senior Anchorperson & Academician PTV honor the stage in the entire event.

14th All Member's Meeting - 2013

The 14th All Members Meeting (AMM) of HRDN was organized at the National Centre for Rural development on December 21st, 2013 in Islamabad. The Agenda for AMM this year encompassed the new strategic guidelines for the Network and cross cutting ideas for upcoming years that could lead the Network towards sustainability. The annual event was followed by gala night for HRDN Members and their families.

13th All Member's Meeting - 2012

To review the Network’s progress towards its predetermined objectives, take important long term and short term decisions, monitor progress and map out future course of actions and to provide a unique opportunity to all the members of HRDN to share, learn, develop linkages with other members and give their inputs for further enhancing the effectiveness and relevance of HRDN’s services 13 AMM was held on November12,2012 at NCRD and attended by more than HRDN members and representatives of public, development, I/NGOs and media sectors.

Mr. Khlaid Siddiq  -Joint Secretary Climate Change Government of Pakistan as a chief Guest distributed Recognition Awards among the partners of Summer Internship Programme(SIP) and volunteers who supported HRDN in different programmes and events throughout the year. The colorful evening in the premises of NCRD was also the part of this event at the premises of NCRD.

11th All Member's Meeting - 2010

The theme of 11th AMM was “Competition, Collaboration and Change in HRD”. The annual event was organized at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University(MAJU), Sihala campus, Islamabad on November 6th, 2010. Mrs. Sohaila Mushtaq, Senior Joint Secretary (Rtd), Ministry of Youth Affairs was the Chief Guest of the entire event. Ensued the Inaugural session three learning sessions took place.

First Panel discussion was about “Visualizing HRD in Organizations”. The panelists were Dr. Manzoor Awan, Sungi. Ms. Shahida Kazmi, Riphah University and Dr. Abdul Rab, OAKCD. Second session was on “Network and Networking – Challenges and Opportunities”.

04:00 – 04:30 Panel Discussion on “Role of Civil Society toward Vulnerable in Pakistan”. Mr. Gulnajam Jamy from World Bank highlighted the “Social Protection and Safety Net in Pakistan”. Mr. Naseer Memon CEP SPO, spoke about “ Civil society response to disasters and future Prospects”. “Managing stress during disaster response” was the area to ponder upon for Ms. Sahar Elsaadany, RedR Uk.

The Panel Discussion on “Sustainable Development through HRD” was unpacked by the speakers consisting of Dr. Noor Fatima-NEPRA .Her topic was “Sustainable Development through Corporate Social Responsibility”. Dr. Amanullah, Riphah University deliberated on

Role of University & Academic Institutions” and Mr. Manzoor Awan on “Tackling poverty through Household based Approach – Sustainable Livelihood Approach.”Ms. Seemi Kamal,

from Aurat Foundation made her deliberations on “Network and Networking – Challenges and

Opportunities”. Recognition awards were distributed among best City Chapters and the active HRDN members for their volunteer contributions. The day was followed by Gala night.

10th All Member's Meeting - 2009

The 10th All Members Meeting(AMM) was a two-day event dated November 13 & 14 2009.This year AMM was progressed with the Social Evening and gala dinner. Welcome note by Chairperson Mr. Roomi Saeed Hayat was followed by sharing the Strategic Plan (2010-2015) of HRDN with Members and an Interactive Session with the HRDN Members. To add flavor to the night a renowned poetess Ms. Kishwar Naheed was also invited to share her views and poetic verses.

The Conference on “Sustainable Synergies: Building Capacities of members” was planned on day II. A thoughtful speech by Mr. Kamran Akbar from PPAF on “Contribution of Civil Society Organizations in Human Resource Development in Pakistan” as a key note speaker and speech by the Chief Guest- Mr. Gul Muhammad Jakrani, Parliamentary Secretary Education, Govt. of Pakistan were the highlights of the Inaugural session.

The first Panel Discussions on “Perception of stakeholders about the role of NGOs / Non-profit Sector in Human Resource Development in Pakistan was chaired by Ms. Robeela Bangash Founder Member HRDN. The panelists were Mr. Gul Najam Jamy – AKF, Mr. Harris Khalique – SPO,Ms. Mussarat Bibi – Khwendo Kor. The session was moderated by Mr. Shadab Farid-ud-Din – Four Corners Group and the rapporteur was Mr. Zahid Ali Mubarik – Khushali Bank.

The second session was on “Perception of stakeholders about the role of Media in Human Resource Development.” Mr. Masood ul Mulk CEO Sarhad Rural Support chaired the session. The panelists were Professor Amanullah Khan – Dean Riphah University and Dr. Noor Fatima– NEPRA. Session was moderated by Mr. Arif Vaseer – MAJU and reported by Mr. Naimatullah Akbari.

9th All Member's Meeting - 2008

09 AMM was organized on October 11,2008 at National Library Islamabad. The night before the Inaugural and Learning sessions the dinner was hosted by HRDN Secretariat to provide members the opportunity to network and share their feelings and experiences in an informal way. On October 11,2008 after the welcome address by Chairperson Mr. Roomi S. Hayat HRDN Progress shared by Ms. Robeela Bangash –Founder Member HRDN.

The second session was chaired by Ms. Alice Harding Shackelford (country director, UNIFEM) and moderated by Ms. Humera Hussain. Ms. Afshan Tehseen gave her presentation on “Strengthening Gender Dimension of the Network”. Mr. Usman Qazi, professional member HRDN delivered his presentation on the Strategic Thrust of HRDN.

The third session was chaired by Mr. Tariq Ansari (Management Consultant) and moderated by Mr. Arshid Akif.

Afternoon Session was dedicated to the announcement of the voting results for three categories i.e. Professional, General, Organizational by Chief Election Commissioner Ms. Munezia Bano and oath taking ceremony of the new elected BoD.

The shields were awarded to the individuals who played important role in making the 9th AMM a successful event.

7th All Member's Meeting - 2006

The 7th AMM was held on September 9 – 10 2006 at National Library, Islamabad and was inaugurated by Mr. Jan Vandemoortele, the United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Pakistan. Over 100 participants ( individual and organizational members of the HRDN) attended the proceedings. After the welcome note by Chairperson Mr. Roomi S. Hayat and Key note by Mr. Mr. Jan Vandemoortele, the progress of HRDN was presented by Mr. Sajjad Ahmed, Programme Officer HRDN. Mr. Ahmed highlighted the HRDN’s activities in the post-earthquake scenario and establishment of an Earthquake Rehabilitation Resource Centre (ERRC) which provided a common platform to different actors working in the affected areas. Yearly progress was also shared by the secretariat. A session on HRDN Members Consultation for Future Course of Action was a part of the proceedings. The learning session titled “Dialogue on Clash of Civilizations: Myth or Reality?”was appreciated by members. The panelists were  Mr I A Rehman, Dr Rubina Saigol and Mr. Harris Khalique were the panelists and Mr.Usman Qazi the moderator. To keep the members abreast with the latest literature in development sector an Exhibition was also organized. A cultural programme was organized for the members to come together and share their experiences in the field in a relaxed manner. This social gathering also provided an opportunity to the new members to gel in with other members and have a feel of the Network’s environment.

6th All Member's Meeting - 2005

Human Resource Development Network organized its 06 All Members Meeting on 3-4 September 2005 at Best Western Hotel, Islamabad. The event was attended by more than 125 members and guests from several walks of life. The significance of 06 AMM was due to the election of its BoD consisting of 12 seats for next three years under supervision of Ms. Maneezeh Bano as a Chief Election Commissioner.

Mr. Javed Jabbar as a chief guest, praised network’s gender and regional balance and its democratic way of electing the board of directors. Mr. Saad Gilani, Programme officer Research, reported HRDN’s achievements since the last AMM and highlighted the major changes in governance and management systems. The newly elected Board took oath of their responsibilities.

5th All Member's Meeting - 2004

The 05th All Members Meeting of HRDN was held at the Best Western Hotel, Islamabad on

August 7-8, 2004. Mr. Munir Merali, CEO-AKF(P) chaired the inaugural session. At the conclusion of the inaugural session, Chairperson HRDN Mr. Roomi S. Hayat presented a memento to the Chief Guest. A special tribute was paid and shield was presented to Ms. Robeela Bangash in recognition of her volunteer services in leading the Network Secretariat as Honorary Network Coordinator. Ms. Aqeela Tahir and Ms. Afshan Tehseen were also presented with shields for their volunteer services. On the evening of first day, a dinner was organized for HRDN members in the spacious lawn of Adventure Inn, Islamabad. In this fun filled evening, members enjoyed folk songs, poetry and a sumptuous dinner. The tribute was paid to the efforts of those volunteers (Individuals and Organizations) who have gone an extra mile in supporting HRDN to pursue its plans.

In this two-day moot, achievements of HRDN in the preceding year as well as major challenges confronted by the Network were shared with the members. During various sessions, participants were also given opportunities to air their views on HRDN’s financial and programmatic progress and suggestions for improvement.  A panel discussion on “Promoting Devolution thru HRD Interventions” was organized where renowned experts, having in-depth understanding and knowledge on the subject were invited to speak. The speakers were Ms. Nafeesa Shah District Nazim Khairpur Sindh,Ms. Shahnaz Kapadia Rahat Development Consultant (DSP) and  Dr. Faiz H. Shah CEO, Pakistan Compliance Initiative. Mr. Azhar Saeed facilitated the discussion as moderator.

Senator Nisar A. Memon was the chief guest in the concluding session on day 2. More than 110 members from all membership-categories were present at this occasion.

4th All Member's Meeting - 2003

The 4th AMM was held on September 20 -21 at National Library Auditorium Islamabad. More than 130 participants were present at the occasion. After the welcome address by Chair Person-Mr. Roomi S. Hayat on day One a detailed presentation of HRDN Achievements for the year 2003 were shared by Ms. Robeela Bangash –Honorary Coordinator HRDN. A key Note address was delivered by Senator Mr. Nisar Memon.

Two working sessions were scheduled for the day one on Analysis of HRD Network, Seminar on “Quality Standards –Globalization Imperatives” by A.R. Kamal Director PIDE, Expert Corners-Training Techniques-What’s New? HR Policies-Performance Appraisal for NPOs, Stress Management at Work Place, HRD and Gender dimensions. Expressions of Overseas HRDN Chapters Bhutan (Karma Luday- SNV Bhutan) and Afghanistan (Mr.Assadullah Akram Yar-DACCAR )was also the part of the proceedings. Literature Exhibition and Gala Dinner were also organized.

The Topics for working sessions on day II were Strategic Planning for HRDN, Quality Standards for non Profit Trainers by Shadab Fariddudin-Academic Consultant NGORC, Working of Local Chapters Quetta by Mohd Akram Kasi and Bhutan- by Karma Luday and Elections of BoD.

3rd All Member's Meeting - 2002

3rd All Members Meeting was held at Best Western Hotel Islamabad on August 23-24,2002. Dr. Atta ur Rehman-Federal Minister for Science and Technology as a Chief Guest inaugurated the Exhibition organized by the Secretariat. Subsequent to welcome note by Chairperson Mr. Roomi S. Hayat a thoughtful talk on “Human Resource Development-A New Global Paradigm” by  Dr.Hamid Rafiq Khattak took place. The gala dinner was hosted by the secretariat on day one.

Second day was focused on sharing the progress of the network by Roomi S. Hayat and briefing on Election Rules and Regulations by Waqar Haider Awan. The members were updated with next year activities by Ms. Aqeela Tahir and Mr. M. Akhtar Cheema.

Dr. Amir Mohammad– Rector National University of Computers and Emerging Sciences was the chief guest for day two. Findings of the study carried by Mr. Haq Nawaz Khan during year 2001 on “Community participation to Projects” for JBIC was presented. Mr. Ichiguchi from JBIC shared the social impact of the study. Mr.Ahson Rabani from NGORC presented the Code of Ethics for Training Managers, Trainers and Participants. Role of Local Chapters at national level and International chapters was highlighted and emphasized by Mr. Zubair Qureshi. The first two local chapters of network were established in Quetta and Karachi in 2000.Interactive Theater on Social Issues by Action Aid was much appreciated by the audiences. More than 100 participants attended the two day proceedings.

2nd All Member's Meeting - 2001

The Second All Members Meeting with the main objective to review the progress and achievements of the network in light of its mission statement and to provide an opportunity to the members to share their experiences, generate ideas for the enhancement of their professional skills was held on August 25-26 at Dream Land Motel Islamabad and was attended by 64 members and guests.

Mr. Ghalib Nishter President Khushali Bank was the Chief guest on day one. Welcome note and leading upcoming initiatives of the network were shared by Chair Person Roomi S. Hayat. Yearly progress was shared by Ms. Robeela Bangash while Issues and concerns of the members were dealt by Ms. Aqeela Tahir and Mr. M. Akhtar Cheema. Session on “Operationalizing HRDN” was conducted by Ms. Grace T. Shaikh. The Learning session on “Team Building and Cohesiveness” was conducted by Mr. Roomi S. Hayat.

Day two started with the learning session on “Training Terminologies” facilitated by Ms. Robeela Bangash. A session on LFA was presented by Mr. Kamran Akbar General Manager HRD-PPAF.

Mr. Mohammad Zafar Iqbal– Assistant Resident Representative UNDP as a chief guest on day two appreciated the contribution of NRSP in setting up HRDN as viable institution for developing human resource by sharing experiences and building synergies.

To provide international exposure to Network members through international conferences and learning exchange visits an interesting session was facilitated by Roomi S. Hayat and Grace T. Shaikh with a tentative plan to visit Thailand and Nepal. An International Conference Coordinating Committee(ICCC)was formed to organize the international events and make HRDN internationally operational.

1st All Member's Meeting - 2000

To provide a platform to individual and organizational members to meet each other in friendly and relaxed environment, strengthen the bonding process and increase cohesiveness among them a dinner was hosted by the Secretariat to welcome the members at a very First All Members Meeting (AMM) on September27 ,2000 at Dream Land Motel Islamabad. A live demonstration of skilled workers was a unique visual experience to the members and guests at the Exhibition organized by the HRDN Secretariat. Member organizations enthusiastically participated by displaying their promotional materials, handy crafts, several by- products etc. of the communities.

The event was entirely sponsored by Action Aid. The scholarly panel at inaugural session of day 1 (September 28,2000) consisted of Mr. Omer Asghar Khan –Federal Minister for LGRD/Labor, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis as a Chief Guest Mr. Sergio Piazzardi-Head of Development Section EU, Dr. Rashid Bajwa-General Manager –NRSP, Dr. Sarah Termazi-Country Director- Action Aid.

Mr. Roomi S. Hayat introduced HRD Network by elaborating the idea behind it and the process of its emergence. Ms. Minisa Khatri Dhunghana was the first international member who travelled from Nepal to attend AMM and introduce Nepal Chapter. Working sessions to set the Road Map for HRDN were the part of the proceedings on day one.

Day two (September 29 ,2000) started with Technical session “Formation of Task Forces on Implementation of Activities from Road Map”. The brain storming session was facilitated by Ms. Robeela Bangash and Mr. Tanveer Shaikh. Subsequently a Keynote speech on “Sustainable Human Development” was delivered by Mr. Shoiab Sultan Khan Senior Advisor-UNDP and Chairman RSPN. Election of Executive Committee was the highlight of the event.108 HRDN members and guests were the attendees of this event. The event was sponsored by Action Aid.